MLB's Beat the Streak Contest Heats Up

Chasing Joe DiMaggio

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I’m sure many of you are already aware of a fan participation game on called Beat the Streak, but for those who aren’t, here’s the deal. After signing up, each day you have the option of picking one or two hitters playing on any given team that day or night in hopes that they get at least one hit. The object of the game is to eventually eclipse Joe DiMaggio’s consecutive-game hitting streak record of 56. The first person to reach 57 wins $5.6 million. The minute one of your guys fails to get a hit, you are back to zero. It doesn’t seem all that difficult really, especially since you have virtually every major league baseball player at your disposal to reach the record.  The thing is, it is difficult… very difficult. In fact, in the middle of its 13th year, there has yet to be a winner. Some have come tantalizingly close, though.
In 2007 a guy named Michael Karatzia made it to 49 games before losing his streak. In 2011 a fella by the name of Steve Summer made it to 48 before being bounced. Currently, Aaron Brown, a 30-year-old from Sterling Heights, Michigan is leading the pack with a 43 game streak after the Reds’ Joey Votto got a first inning single for him last night. With that hit Brown tied the season-long streak of one other contestant, who had his 43-game streak ended when he made the head-scratching move of starting two Cardinals, Carlos Beltran and Matt Carpenter, in a day game after a night game against the Mets a week ago. Carpenter failed to get a hit. As for myself, I only started playing this game this year and had an early 14-game streak halted by Jacoby Ellsbury. I thought, “this isn’t so hard,” but since then I haven’t had a streak over 7. The quest continues.
Meanwhile, tonight, the aforementioned Mr. Brown attempts to equal the 44-game streaks of Wee Willie Keeler and Pete Rose. His pick has yet to be displayed. Stay tuned.
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Predictably, Brown took Miguel Cabrera tonight against Cleveland.