MLB's "Quote of the Year" award goes to Matt Stairs

5/9/09 in MLB   |   Scout-Team-All-American   |   respect

I somehow managed to come across this earlier today...

Matt Stairs, outfielder for the Phillies, definitely enjoys the post home-run celebrations.

We all know that the "butt tap" is a just another way of saying "good job" in the sport of baseball.

Well, Mr. Stairs just make it a little more awkward now.

Last year, when he hit a 2 run homer to guarantee Philly a trip to the World Series, this is what he told the media after the game...

“When you get that nice celebration coming into the dugout and you’re getting your a** hammered by guys — there’s no better feeling than to have that done.”


Needless to say, I'm never going to be able to tap a teammate on the butt again without thinking about that quote.
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