MMA Fighter Melvin Costa Officially Has The Worst Tattoo in Sports

1/24/08 in MMA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

There are definitely a lot of athletes out there who have bizarre, even awful, tattoos. And when people think of athletes with awful tattoos, they usually think of either Vince Young's infamous back tattoo that features his own name, or Stephen Jackson's praying hands holding a glock.

Both are bad, but neither are even close to the worst tattoo in sports.

That honor belongs to Melvin Costa, a neo-nazi MMA fighter who fights in the King of the Cage organization. While wandering through a post on Cage Potato, I saw this.

Pretty bad, right? Well yeah, it's a swastika. But guess what, that isn't even his worst tattoo. Instead, it's the the one on his stomach below.

In case you did a double-take, yes, it does say "I have a small penis." That sure as hell must throw the competition off. And no, it isn't photoshopped.

Someone's going to have to go to great - or not so great - lengths to top this tattoo.
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10/25/11   |   jonniedes

The guy spent half his life in prison, those tattoo's will be a massive contribution to him getting out of prison alive. 

3/15/11   |   elstone   |   23 respect

      I think Brill's tramp stamp is worse.

3/8/10   |   hapkido_warrior   |   272 respect

'power' and 'pride' have very different meanings.. pride indicates that you are proud of your ethnicity and it's heritage...Power on the other hand lends itself to dominance and superiority over other races...and the swastica combined with the power reference and obvious neo nazi symbols on him doesn't bode to well. Who knows with the other guess would be a bet as well.

12/14/09   |   mad_mike_   |   2 respect

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This type of tattoo means not to be pride of ure race!!! This tatt is just a effed up symbol of the bad old days in germany!!!! I dont think hes german!!!  I am, and back in the days he would had get his ass kicked for not beeing a german, and now he carries around this stuff on his chest !!!!!!  tattoo urself "white power" if u want to express ureself with ure skincolor, but dont tattoo Adolf Hitlers signature on u!!!! stupid!!!!

10/21/09   |   pitbull1779   |   1 respect

haha... love it!  i dont see anything wrong with it... I know alot of mma fighters that are black with "black panther" type tattoos.. and i know spanish dudes in mma that have "brown pride" or "latin pride" tattoos.. Soo i say BIG DEAL... i think its great that more white guys are finally not caring anymore to wear these type of tattoos in public... KUDOS...

1/24/08   |   Lobotomy Jones   |   7597 respect

flhsbagger wrote:
Sounds to me like he lost a bet

Either that or he really pissed off the tattoo artist.

1/24/08   |   flhsbagger

Sounds to me like he lost a bet

1/24/08   |   Seth   |   301 respect

I wonder if he's the kind of guy that got the tattoo just so people would make fun him, thereby giving him an excuse to beat the crap out of them.

1/24/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

What went through the guy doing the tatoo as he was making this?  Seriously... crazy.

1/24/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

I guess his "I have a small penis" tattoo is better and less distracting than a "I like small penis" tattoo would be.

1/24/08   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect