MNF Packers vs. Seahawks: Was it a catch?

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOne of the most widely disputed calls from NFL officials (albeit replacement officials) happened last night during Monday Night Football. A hail mary pass from the Seahawks QB to Golden Tate. Packers defender had clear possession when Golden Tate snuck his hand in and then put his other hand on the ball. According to the NFL rule book, that is not simultaneous possession by any means.

What went wrong with the play?

1. The first thing that went wrong was that Golden Tate got away with a very clear offensive pass interference penalty when he pushed a Green Bay defender to the turf. There was no call.

2. As you can see by the above photo, the official on the left is signaling for a touchdown which was the first call made. The official on the right is signaling the ball is down which would likely mean he's signaling for a touchback. The official on the right has better judgement because of his angle. The refs should have conferred, but they did not. They went with the first call on the field, therefore the call had to stand.

3. After the play was reviewed and was announced that the play would stand as a touchdown both teams then ran off the field. By rule, Seattle had to go for an extra point or two point conversion. The officials started to run off the field and were stopped due to the rule that they were about to miss. Both teams then brought 11 men out on the field and an extra point was attempted and made which gave Seattle the 14-12 victory in improbably fashion.

4. The NFL released a statement today after 70,000 voicemails were left on the phones of the NFL offices. The NFL stands by the call on the field and says that it is in fact a correct call.

So was it a correct call? What are your thoughts?
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no, they blew it