MSU's Win Over UM-Still Giddy

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 Feb. 12, 2013; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan State Spartans center Adreian Payne (5) talks with head coach Tom Izzo during the second half against the Michigan Wolverines at Jack Breslin Students Events Center.     Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY SportsI had never seen Tom Izzo giddy. I have seen him happy after a good win. relieved after NCAA tournament games, thrilled after an NCAA Championship win, but I am not certain I have ever seen Tom Izzo giddy like he was following Michifgan State's win over Michigan on February 12, 2013. Downright, ridiculously giddy. In true Izzo fashion, he played it off well. "'We probably played our best game in three years,'' Izzo said. ''And, they probably played one of their worst.''  As he said this, the smile on his face would not disappear and his eyes were just lit up. If your eyes can smile, Izzo's were doing just that.

The Spartans did not just win this game, they completely manhandled the entire Wolverine team. The 4th ranked Michigan team came into East Lansing looking to get back on the right track. My guess is Izzo was having none of it. He wanted to make sure his players shut down both Hardaway and Robinson III along with the rest of the team. I'm thinking that was accomplished successfully with both players scoring only 2 points apiece, and Tim Hardaway Jr hitting a mere 1-11 on the night. Downright embarrassing.

The Breslin Center is a great place to see a Michigan State game on a regular night. But on a night against Michigan, in a game that actually matters and is nationally televised-nothing can be better. The White Out, the Izzone, the "You Off" shirts. Classic. Classic Spartan spirit, enthusiasm and energy. Izzo had to know what the energy in Breslin would be like-he's been around long enough to remember when Michigan actually played decent basketball, and having an all too well understanding of the rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State.

Izzo had to know. He had to be excited. And after watching his players completely dominate from start to finish-allowing the benchwarmers/walk-ons to get minutes in a game of such importance was pure joy. For me, for the team and clearly for Coach Izzo.  The man was downright giddy. And I am still smiling at the whole night. The lopsided win, the suckishness of Michigan, the walk-ons looking to add to the score and Coach Izzo, trying to play it cool, but clearly loving every minute of the night. Go Green!
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If I were an MSU fan, I'd be worried about him getting over being giddy and get prepared for the next game.  As an IU fan, I'll just sit quietly and watch as the Hoosiers roll in ready to take care of business...