MVP's of what?

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Blog Photo - MVP's of what?Before my rant begins in earnest, first let me put a stigma on myself...I am a Cowboys' fan. That's right, I wear cobalt and silver during the season, and cheer for number nine and eighty-eight. What I'm about to write will anger some fans and probably get me booed off of my soap box, but I guess I'll deal with that when I get there.

Being a Cubs' fan as well, we find that we have nothing to talk about during the present time in sports, so my friends and I decided to look ahead to football season and the Dallas Cowboys, with their prospect of making a championship. We, probably filled with delusion, agreed there was a possibility. Then, came the most commonly spoken subject among our group.

Who is the team's MVP?

I normally would put my nickel's worth of sense into the conversation- I am a huge fan of Jason Witten after all. This time, on the other hand, I decided to come out from deep left field and replied to it the way it should be answered.

"MVP of what? Mediocrity? Who is the most average on an average team?"

The group stopped speaking and glared at me with hostile shock gleaming in their eyes. I had only a few moments to defend my bold statement before I was torn apart by some angry blue and silver fans.

My late father introduced me to the Cowboys back in the 80's, when Dorsett and Walker were the high points of a team who had passed its glory, but only a year or two from those great nineties teams. In the nineties, it was glorious. My father and I would watch Dallas march through the popular teams up here, which were the Vikings, Packers, and Bears, and we would stand alone and justified atop the mountains as victors.

Since those days, we as Cowboys fans yearn for the days of the triplets, and Norton, Haley, and Woodson. We speak like madmen when, a few years ago, one fellow compared Alan Ball to Charlie Waters. I nodded in mechanical agreement with the others in that time. Julius Jones/Marion Barber/DeMarco Murray were going to stand in Emmitt Smith's place and do things we admire. Tony Romo is a winner, we could have another Kevin Smith/Dieon Sanders combination...

ugh. No, no we can't. Not right now. The Cowboys are an 8-8 team, and that's the problem. Why do we talk about the Cowboys being great anymore? Sean Lee is broken to pieces, and out last remaining good defender is Brandon Carr, who is poised to have a career like Aeneas Williams, who was a wonderful DB amidst a mediocre team for most of his career.

No, there is no MVP for the Cowboys anymore for me. Romo is tough and resourceful, but he's not a winner. Dez Bryant will forever be a ten year old stuck in a man's body, and Jason Witten, the solid rock when the rest of the team was mud- he's going to be cut by the end of this season or next if he doesn't retire before then. Carr is going to be on an island and sink into obscurity.

Well, I see more years in football purgatory for me and the other Cowboys fans. Better get comfortable.
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Good read, we've all been there at some point.