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Just hitting the trifecta yesterday, or the fact that it finished off an 8-1 week (5-1 with college hoops and 3-0 in the NBA) for me, aren't the real, true indicators that I'm running hot right now.  That reality can be found in the fact that I actually played, and cashed in on, a college TOTAL.  We're in one of those times that we have regularly when things just jump off the page, grab me by the collar and scream "PLAY ME!"  I usually only include the TOTALS in my breakdowns of the college games because, while I still will go over them just to see if there's anything that looks out of whack, I normally just discard them all as options out of hand.  I just couldn't do it with yesterday's Baylor game, and it paid off nicely.

As far as the other later options that I mentioned in yesterday's post, I would have hit on both of those also, but the way I had it figured, why take the risk of ruining what Is a perfect day?  I also didn't like the way that all 3 of the teams involved in my moneyline plays---Louisville SU and Marquette and Middle Tennessee St. in a parlay---all were in danger of losing their games outright right up to the final seconds of each game.  Granted, that's why I lay on the line and not on the spreads a lot of times, but when you're living right and running hot, the last thing you want to do is tempt fate.  Greed does have it's place in certain situations.  In my opinion at the time, yesterday was not one of those situations.

So, here we are staring straight on into the final week of February with a 24-9 record so far for the month.  That's 7-1 in the NBA and 17-8 with college hoops.  Let's see what kind of fun we can have today to kick the week off.

THE NBA  (4-4 ATS/5-3 SU/7-1 TOTALS last night, 21-20/24-16/24-17 for the week and 61-63/78-42/61-63 so far for the month)

BUTTA  (no play last night, 3-0 for the week and 7-1 so far for the month)
BLAZERS (-175) over Wolves - Minnesota has struggled this season against teams with winning records and are only 8-25 in their last 33 games against teams with a winning percentage over 60%.  That's not the real kicker though.  Add to the above the fact that the Wolves are 6-22 ATS in the last 28 games in this series, and the favorite is 20-6 ATS in the last 26 games between these squads, and we're starting to make a strong case for the Blazers.  The cherry on top would be that Minny has been horrible when closing a b2b with a road game at only 1-8 SU.  I won't lay the points with Portland with Aldridge "out" again tonight, but the Blazers should win this game.

Clippers (+4 1/2, O211) 109 Bulls 86
THUNDER 109 HEAT (-6 1/2, U187) 97
Wizards 100 Magic 81
CAVS (+1 1/2, O196) 99 RAPTORS (-11, U193) 103
Kings 95 Rockets (-1 1/2, U215) 103
NUGGETS (-4, U210) 104 SUNS 101
Nets 93 Wolves 104
LAKERS (+2 1/2, U204) 94 BLAZERS (-4, O214) 110
---I don't know how the Lakers are going to beat the Nets tonight, but their opening could be that Brooklyn in an old team on a b2b.  In that situation, and on the road to boot, the Nets are only 1-7 SU so far this season.
---The Kings have the toughest b2b in the league having to go to Denver to play a 2nd game in as many nights.  But with the Nugs struggling the way they have been, the shine quickly goes off that situation for me.
---To play, or not to play.  That is the question for LeBron.  I hope he does play.  I want to see him with one of those faceguards on.  It shouldn't make much difference either way for the Bulls.  They are playing great team ball, but they're about due for one of those games where everything implodes for them.

  COLLEGE HOOPS  (27-27 ATS/37-15 SU/34-20 TOTALS yesterday, 67-65/83-44/68-64 for the week and 186-171/234-116/188-169 so far for the month)

BUTTA  (3-0 yesterday, 5-1 for the week and 17-8 so far for the month)
Nothing to see here today, but still some very intriguing matchups.

Florida St. (+8, U132) 55 Smu 61
PITT 61 UCONN (-6 1/2, O134) 86
Michigan St. 63 Purdue 56
MICHIGAN (-2, U137 1/2) 73 NEBRASKA (-5 1/2, U137) 80
Providence (+1, U128 1/2) 62 Seton Hall (+13 1/2, U146) 67
N. Illinois (+1 1/2, O129 1/2) 66 Bowling Green (+2 1/2, O127 1/2) 73
Ball St. 61 E. Michigan 54
TOLEDO (-17, U148 1/2) 86 W. MICHIGAN (-3, U126 1/2) 63
Usc (+13, O144 1/2) 73 Washington 64
CAL 80 OREGON (-14 1/2, O140) 83
Arizona St. 68    
UTAH (-4 1/2, O138) 83    
---The best looking play on this board looks like it could be Nebraska, but I don't want to have anything to do with the Big Ten plus Two right now.  I see that conference as a mess.
---I'm scratching my head over Providence as a dog at Butler today, but I can't find the answer or any compelling evidence why they shouldn't be either.  Maybe the best bet on this game might be that it goes to OT.  Butler has forced overtime in 4 of it's 7 conference home games so far.
---If I was a gambling man, I'd lay the wood with Cal tonight because after getting embarrassed on their home floor in a huge game on Thursday by UCLA, I don't think there will be much mercy for a really bad Trojan squad.

Have a grand and glorious Sunday, everyone!  Be careful out there, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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