Madden 09 Brett Favre Simulations Done By EA Sports For Vikings, Jets, Buccaneers, And Packers

Aaron Rodgers Is A Better QB For The Packers Than Favre, Or So Says Madden 09

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As I'm sure all of you are aware, Brett Favre is the cover boy for Madden 09. Only problem is he's in a Packers uniform, and in the time span of a week, he could very well be on another team.

That, of course, isn't good news for EA Sports, which sells Madden 09. In fact, they're already working on different covers for the game - like this one of Favre in a Ravens uni you see here.

But, in addition to that, EA Sports also decided, hey, what the hell, since Favre could be going to a bunch of different locations, let's run simulations to see how he would do in each locale.

Luckily the Sporting Blog (who I can't thank enough) got their hands on EA licensed images of Favre's potential landing places and got the numbers of EA's simulations for how each team would fare over a full simulated season with and without Favre. So, let's get to it and see how teams did.

As you know, the Vikings are the team Favre most wants to be with. But according to EA's simulation, Favre didn't help them all that much.
  • With Favre: 10-6, Lose Wild Card Game vs. Bucs (11-6) 3356 yards, 29 TDs, 100.7 QB rating
  • Without Favre: 5-11, No Playoffs Tarvaris Jackson -- 2962 yards, 11 TDs, 66.8 QB rating
Personally, I think the Vikings will do a little better than 5-11 even without Favre, unless Adrian Peterson explodes. I'm just surprised that EA's simulation doesn't have the Vikings going further with Favre. I'd have thought they could get to the NFC Championship before Favre threw a game ending pick.

One of the other destinations that makes a lot of sense for Favre is Tampa Bay. So how'd Favre do in the sim?
  • With Favre: 12-4, Lose Div. Playoff Game vs. Eagles 3827 yards, 34 TDs, 98 QB rating
  • Without Favre: 11-5, Lose Div. Lose Conference Championship vs. Eagles. Jeff Garcia -- 3508 yards, 19 TDs, 80 QB rating
I can't be the only one that notices that while the Bucs win one more game with Favre, they actually don't go as far in the playoffs. Of course, this sim has the Eagles winning the Conference Championship, which has no chance of happening.

The New York Jets have also been in the Favre mix, since Pennington and Clemens suck. Here's the sim results.
  • With Favre: 11-4-1, Lose Wild Card Game vs. Browns (22-19) 3964 yards, 31 TDs, 103.1 QB rating
  • Without Favre: 9-7, No Playoffs Chad Pennington -- 3542 yards, 22 TDs, 108.4 QB rating
So apparently the Jets would have the best turnaround by bringing in Favre. At least, that's what a computer tells me. And we all know computers are always right.

But there's also one last sim that EA Sports did which I know you're all interested in. How would the Packers do with Favre at QB versus Aaron Rodgers? Here's your answer.
  • With Favre: 9-7, Lose Div Playoff Game vs. Cowboys (25-17) 3729 yards, 24 TDs, 100.7 QB rating
  • Without Favre: 12-4, Lose Div. Playoff Game Vs. Vikings (37-31, OT) Aaron Rodgers -- 3211 yards, 26 TDs, 95.6 QB rating
Pretty interesting stuff. EA suggests that the Packers are making the right decision by going with Rodgers, which pleases me to no end. Suck it, Favre.

Favre Swaps Uniforms in Madden 09 [Sporting Blog]
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theshrewdone wrote:
Love the ending...."suck it Favre"!!!

poo breet fart

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Love the ending...."suck it Favre"!!!

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santeti tari

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Its a good thing that EA Sports doesn't know jack then!