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I'm certainly getting spanked pretty hard these last couple of nights, but looking back on the 6 straight that I've dropped, I wouldn't have changed anything. They were the right plays. They just didn't come through. These things happen. Things don't always fall the way they did for the first couple of weeks of this month, but if you look at the overall numbers so far for the week, they aren't that bad.



If I had laid all games covered so far this week in just the way the numbers I had for them indicated, I would have hit 52%, and that's all you need to make a profit. So, it all goes back to something I've said all along: It's not about picking all the games right. It's about picking the right games. I haven't done a good job of that so far this week, but I fully intend to change that starting today.


The real Madness will be starting shortly, and just like it's been over the last few years since I've been tracking it as a potential money maker, I'm going to have to split today's post up. I've not got all the numbers for the NBA yet, so I'm going to have to start with The Madness here, and then come back later for the NBA and the single NIT game that's also going tonight.



COLLEGE HOOPS (14-10 ATS/13-10 SU/15-9 TOTALS last night and 24-23/25-19/30-17 so far for the week)



The Madness (1-1 ATS/1-1 SU/0-2 TOTALS last night and 2-2/1-2/1-3 so far for the week)

I've got my eye on something to play with for tonight, but the games involved are much later this evening. I've got time to watch things, see where the numbers go and determine at that time whether or not it's all going to be worthwhile. As for right now, though, I don't have anything to declare.




1. Louisville 59, N. Carolina A&T (+26, U123 1/2) 50

2. Colorado St. (+3, U143) 63, Missouri 63

3. Oklahoma St. 69, Oregon (+2 1/2, O134 1/2) 67

4. St. Louis 58, New Mexico St. (+9 1/2, U122) 54

5. Memphis (+1, U139 1/2) 63, St. Mary's 63

6. Valparaiso (+10 1/2, O127) 71, Michigan St. 59

7. Southern (+22, U126 1/2) 53, Gonzaga 53

8. Wichita St. (+4, O119 1/2) 65, Pitt 63

9. Belmont (+4 1/2, O140) 80, Arizona 75

10. New Mexico 57, Harvard (+11, U126 1/2) 55

11. Vcu 73, Akron (+7 1/2, O133 1/2) 72

12. S. Dakota St. (+11, O139 1/2) 78, Michigan 74

13. Unlv (-3, U131) 66, Cal 56

14. Montana (+12 1/2, U128 1/2) 63, Syracuse 63

15. Butler 61, Bucknell (+3 1/2, U122) 60

16. Davidson (+3 1/2, U133) 69, Marquette 58



Admittedly, a lot of these numbers look pretty "squirrely", but it is what it is. I'll get back to you on the Association and the lone NIT game for tonight once those numbers are solidified on The Big Board. See you later.

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