Major League Baseball is seriously considering manager replay challenges

Starting in 2014, MLB managers might have replay flags similar to NFL coaches. Is this a terrible idea?

8/15/13 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Blog Photo - Major League Baseball is seriously considering manager replay challengesIn what might be the worst move of Bud Selig's career as the MLB commissioner, we may soon see MLB managers throwing a challenge flag on close plays.

According to USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale (and others), Selig's proposal would give managers 3 challenges per game, one of which could be used in the first 6 innings.

MLB is prepared to adopt radical instant replay, including manager’s challenges, but will delay any official decision until November.

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 15, 2013

MLB plans to move forward where managers now allowed to ask for replay reviews

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 15, 2013

It will be phasing plan to start in 2014

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 15, 2013

The replay will be a manager call system that will involve 89 percent of reviewable plays and voted on in Nov

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 15, 2013

Managers will have 3 challenges in game, 1 in first six innings

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 15, 2013

Am I the only one who thinks this idea is absolutely awful?

I am 100% in favor of getting the calls right. I would be in favor of an independent replay official reviewing every play. Based on what I see on TV, they can get the call right within seconds.

Allowing managers to throw replay flags (or call in replay requests) would slow down the game even more, and would add an incredibly awkward element to the game.

Hopefully this will get shot down in November.
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8/16/13   |   NittanyJon   |   247 respect

Does Bud want 4 hour games that end near midnight? MLB needs to reach detente with the umpires and/or their union. Most of them are on a power-trip or wound ultra-tight. Fans don't go to the game to watch them. All we want is consistency and lack of drama (from the umps). 

8/15/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Scott wrote:
If this gets voted in, put another nail in the coffin of what use to be such a beautiful game

It's a stupid idea, but that's a little extreme.

8/15/13   |   kphoeing   |   18 respect

I'm not opposed to giving managers challenges in the game, but I think 3 challenges is too much. I think one would be a fair amount to give managers, and maybe an extra one if game goes into extra innings if the managers have already used theirs. But 3 is too much.

8/15/13   |   ML31   |   3678 respect

After the advent of the wild card, nothing MLB does can really bother me as much as that. 

I really don't have a beef with using replay in general.  But if they do it it must be done right with minimal game interference.  The way they do the home run replays is just plain stupid.  Umps do not need to go to their umpire room to have a pow wow about it.  That just takes way too long.

I've always felt the NHL model is one of the best systems.  They only review goal-no goal situations.   And every goal is reviewed in the league office in Toronto anyway.    MLB can do that with home run replay calls. 

The "challange" notion is simply ridiculous.  MLB has a history of taking bad ideas and implementing them in the dumbest way possible.  This is yet another...

8/15/13   |   Scott   |   54779 respect

If this gets voted in, put another nail in the coffin of what use to be such a beautiful game

8/15/13   |   Jess   |   35128 respect

I don't feel too strongly one way or another about it. I'm not sure how it would slow the game down more than it already is, when the managers and players go out and argue with the umps for several minutes at a time anyway. Forcing the umps to watch the replay in order to get the call right would cut down on THAT time. And maybe knowing they were going to be forced to take a look due to a challenge flag would force them to be a little more careful when making calls in the first place (let's be honest...sometimes it seems a little haphazard, and the umps have sucked this year.) On the same token, as I said - managers and players go out and argue with the umps anyway so I'm not sure how this would make a whole lot of difference besides maybe having some calls changed occasionally. 

I do like your idea of the independent replay official though.

8/15/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

wait, starting next year?