Meet the ex-stripper who tried to extort Warriors coach Mark Jackson

Mama, there goes that man's career - Warriors coach Mark Jackson caught in stripper extortion scandal

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Blog Photo - Meet the ex-stripper who tried to extort Warriors coach Mark JacksonThe most interesting NBA Draft war room in which to be a fly on the wall tonight would surely that of the Golden State Warriors. Not because of their No. 7 pick in the draft, but because their coach Mark Jackson today admitted to paying $5,000 to a busty, 28-year-old former stripper as hush money because they'd been having an affair and he sent her cell phone pictures of his junk.

Now that 28-year-old former stripper Alexis Adams has been arrested for extortion and is free on bond, while her 40-year-old co-conspirator Marcus Shaw remains in jail. Warriors coach Mark Jackson is 47. Girlfriend apparently likes older guys.

The whole thing blew up Thursday as The Smoking Gun reported that Jackson had been the target of an extortion scheme. The ex-stripper and her co-conspirator attempted to bilk Jackson for $200,000 in exchange for the cell phone junk photos and some lewd voice mail messages left by Jackson.

Warriors coach Mark Jackson is also a pastor at the True Love Worship Center in Van Nuys, CA, has been married for 22 years, and has 4 children. Want to get away?

Jackson's affair with Ms. Adams began six years ago, when Jackson was an announcer for the New Jersey Nets. Their affair lasted less than a year, but obviously included some pretty hot sexting and voice mailing. Ms. Adams was a New York stripper at the time, and Jackson was not yet a pastor.

Ms. Adams confronted Jackson's wife with the pictures, hoping to separate the couple. But Mark Jackson and wife Desiree Coleman Jackson decided to work it out and remain married. That's when Ms. Adams moved on to Plan B, which involved straight cash extortion.

Blog Photo - Meet the ex-stripper who tried to extort Warriors coach Mark JacksonMs. Adams had co-conspirator Marcus Shaw confront Jackson in a Memphis hotel this past April, demanding $5,000 for the cell phone pics. Jackson paid the money on April 3, just hours before the photograph to the left was taken.

"Regrettably, I paid him," Jackson said in a statement today. "In retrospect, I understand that this was a terrible lapse in judgment and a course of action I would not recommend to anyone."

The extorters were just getting started, and their text messages are hilarious."Concentrate and f*** him up!", Ms. Adams texted Shaw back, displeased with the size of the settlement. "he is a Fake ass man of god".

"This n***** left me some tickets smh," Shaw texted back, with a photo of two tickets to the Golden State-Memphis game. The acronym "smh" is text message abbreviation for "shaking my head". Hell, I'd be shaking my head too if someone stuck me with Warriors-Grizzlies tickets.

So the duo emailed Jackson and his wife again, using the address The extorters offered "the first opportunity to buy these photos before I sell them to the public." The bidding went to $35,000 to $185,000 to $200,000.

At this point, however, Mark Jackson had the secret advantage. He had gone to the FBI, whose agents were coaching him on how to get the extorters to make maximally incriminating statements. Jackson offered to send a "good faith payment" of $50,000, though this would have been likely delivered by an undercover FBI agent.

The FBI were able to identify the duo and arrest them before any further payments were made.

Ms. Adams is now out on bail in Atlanta, where she just opened a day spa. That's another place where it would be supremely interesting to be a fly on the wall right about now.
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