Man City’s Mancini wins the Award for being the Most Pessimistic manager in EPL

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Blog Photo - Man City’s Mancini wins the Award for being the Most Pessimistic manager in EPL
Roberto Mancini won the award for being the most pessimistic manager in the English Premier League on Wednesday night after his side thrashed West Bromwich Albion to a 4-0 defeat. The reason for Mancini’s pessimism was his lack of belief in winning the league title.
Wednesday night saw Manchester United lose three points to Wigan Athletic after a 1-0 defeat at DW Stadium. In spite of the defeat Mancini believes the title race is over for Manchester City.
The Eastlands are now just five points away from reclaiming their spot on top of the league table. If they defeat United at Etihad Stadium and United draws a game from the five games left in the season, City will be leading the race for the title once again.
Mancini however believes such a scenario is implausible. In his post interview, Mancini told reporters that United were a “fantastic team” and he believes they wouldn’t lost five points in five games.
“United are a fantastic team and I don't think they can lose five points,” Mancini declared. “For us it is important that we finish this good season for us well. This is the best season since 1968 and this is important.”
Mancini explained that he wasn’t giving up on fighting for a cause, but acknowledging that it was too late for a comeback. Mancini continued to praise United’s fighting spirit and praised their concentration in the final stages of the campaign.
“I fight always, every day, and also my team but now I think it is too late,” Mancini said. “I think they have fantastic spirit, United. We don't have the same spirit and for this reason I think this is very difficult.”
Last week, Mancini declared the end of Manchester City’s hopes of winning the Premier League title when Arsenal defeated 1-0 at the Emirates. A late goal from Mikel Arteta and Mario Balotelli’s red card were the highlights of the 1-0 defeat.
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