Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson mocks Chelsea’s run in the FA Cup

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Blog Photo - Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson mocks Chelsea’s run in the FA Cup
Sir Alex Ferguson mocked Chelsea for having an easy run to the semi-finals of the FA Cup in recent years. As both teams prepare for the quarterfinal replay following a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford, the Manchester United manager claimed its luck that has helped Chelsea succeed in the FA Cup.
The Old Trafford boss believes Chelsea’s dominant run in the FA Cup has also been a result of fortunate draws. Chelsea have won the FA Cup four times over the past decade. The Champions League winning side are campaigning to defend their title at Stamford Bridge on Monday.
Manchester United’s success in the FA Cup has been limited. Sir Alex Ferguson, who last lifted the FA Cup trophy in 2004, believes Chelsea’s success has been greatly assisted by competition with minnows of England.
Interestingly, Chelsea have played against only one Premier League club, Southampton, in the FA Cup this season. On the other hand, Manchester United have fought with several top flight clubs.
“They have a good record, but we try to win it every year,” Sir Alex Ferguson said. “The last few seasons we've had some very difficult draws. I think Chelsea have enjoyed the benefit of home draws over the past few years and I don't think they have had one hard game in their run to semi-finals over the years.
“And that helps, there's no doubt about that. But they have us to play and Stamford Bridge won't be easy.”
Manchester United surrendered a two-goal lead at halftime to allow Chelsea schedule a rematch two weeks ago. Sir Alex Ferguson admits his side are lucky to secure a rematch as Chelsea were close to eliminating them from the competition.
“I thought we were lucky to be honest with you,” Sir Alex Ferguson continued. “I think that tiredness had got into some parts of the team. And from a comfortable position for the first 20 minutes you could see us before half-time that we started giving the ball away and that is a definite sign of tiredness.
“I think the tiredness possibly came from the emotional intensity of the Real Madrid game and also the way in which we lost it. I think it affected two or three players in the second half - Tom Cleverley in particular - and our two full-backs' legs had gone.
“I think that was down to emotion because the way our full-backs are they put so much energy into going forward they find it difficult going back. That made it a long game against Chelsea and they had the advantage of having extra midfield players in their team.
“They really deserved to win the game in the second half. David De Gea's save was one thing, but also we were scrambling about to just get through the game. But we're fresher now and we have a strong squad in terms of picking two teams.”
The long-term Manchester United boss hopes to grab a double following his controversial exit from the Champions League. Manchester United are hot-favorites to win the Premier League title since they possess a 15-point lead on the table.
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