Manchester City Top 4 January transfer speculations from current roster

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Manchester City have a lot of star quality players on the roster, but unfortunately, not all of them make a great impact in the mix.
God knows there a few pieces still remaining from the Mark Hughes on the books and still fail to produce. And if the Manchester city intends to save some wasting money and hand over the spot to a talented youngster they need to be sold.
Manchester City is also unnecessarily deep at a few positions and selling the overstock while still at its prime will rid the club from a burning hole in its pocket.
  • Wayne Bridge
Wayne Bridge is currently on a loan to Brighton Hove & Albion, but the former Chelsea player is the first piece Manchester City should seriously consider parting ways with.
It’s been a long time since Wayne Bridge performed at his former high capacity and the road here onwards looks even darker. That’s why should immediately sell him before the prices hit lower than rock bottom.
  • Roque Santa Cruz
The Paraguayan striker is another one of those players who’s served his time at the Etihad Stadium.  At 31-year-old, Roque Santa Cruz can’t be expected to perform any better for Manchester City.
Roque Santa Cruz is already at a loan to Malaga, where he’s scored one goal over four game appearances for the club. This should serve as prime opportunity for Manchester City not only sell of aging player in Spain without bringing him back home, but it will also eliminate the need to locate a potential buyer if Malaga gives-in.
  • A Fullback
Manchester City have an overstock of fullbacks which includes Douglas Maicon, Micah Richards, Pablo Zabaleta, Gael Clichy and Aleksanker Kolarov.
However, Douglas Maicon is a new recruit, which makes it unlikely for Manchester City to sell him any time soon. Meanwhile, fullback Micah Richards is also still young at 24, and shows plenty of promise after making the England international squad as well.
So what we have left are three Manchester City fullbacks Gael Clichy, Pablo Zabaleta and Aleksander Kolarov, who are all fading in their mid-twenties who can.
And while each of the three compensates what the other lacks in a certain department, Manchester City can’t keep them on the bench for long until the one of them chooses to part with hopes of seeking more playing time elsewhere.
 A better option will be to sell one of the excessive fullbacks.
  • Mario Balotelli
After playing alongside the rest of the Italian National Team during the summer, many hoped that the time may have served for some personal growth and reflection for the player. But Mario Balotelli is as volatile and unpredictable as ever (and I mean in the bad sense).
Mario Balotelli has shown no sign of maturation as compared to last season and Manchester City will be better of selling him at a potentially high price as compared to putting a few more years in a player who who’s value will quickly decrease overtime.
Besides, Edin Dzeko appears more than capable handling the responsibilities of a third striker and John Guidetti is still young, yearning to make his mark for the club. 
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