Manchester City’s Stephen Ireland Has The Worst Ride Ever

2/29/08 in Soccer   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I know a fair number of Americans consider soccer to be a game for sissies, what with the players constantly taking dives and whining incessantly. And this car isn't going to help change that perception at all.

This is Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland's new Range Rover (you can see a much larger photo of it here), and unless he just drove through a Hello Kitty store, I'd say he's got some explaining to do.

Ireland's already known as a bit of a space cadet, he once pretended his grandmother had died to get out of an international game, but this is taking it to a whole other level. Who's he trying to impress with this thing? 10-year-old girls? Richard Simmons?

I'll just say this. I live in San Francisco and I've never seen a car this, uh, festive. And that's saying something.

UPDATE: With Leather found out this car cost $178,000. I'm speechless.
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34 hrs ago   |   maoyufeng126

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7/5/11   |   chrishillesland

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I guess the best way to improve the ride is replacing some of the auto parts for better performance. Some modifications might work well.

3/7/09   |   omani85

3/17/08   |   yisare

a case of everyone jumping on bandwagon. he bought 2 cars this one

is his girlfriends car, his was in for service so took her car to work.

brave man, i would have walked rather than be seen in this, but then

again he is wiggy, daddy dick IRELAND

3/17/08   |   yisare

3/3/08   |   YNWA

That is a train wreck for so many reasons. I think Stephen Ireland is a pretty good footballer but that vehicle is a joke. Only a Manc would drive that load of bollocks, Manchester is after all - the home of Karl Pilkington.

3/1/08   |   Adaptation

Imagine if Man.City qualifies for the Champions League. All of Europe would see this disaster. Oh my.

2/29/08   |   Alex

It looks like Hot Topic threw up all over that car

2/29/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

What the raised up pink Suzuki Samurai taken? 


It boggles the mind how Man Utd can lose to this team. Decision like this make Wayne Rooney look like Mensa candidate. 

2/29/08   |   towsongirl12   |   11 respect

That would be a sexy car for a girl, i mean i love it! haha but for a guy idk he's bold.