Manchester United accept Liverpool and Suarezís apologies

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Manchester United have accepted the apologies of Liverpool’s star striker Luis Suarez and manager Kenny Dalglish over their actions at Old Trafford this weekend. This comes after Liverpool’s managing director Ian Ayre criticized Suarez for his actions in the pregame ceremony at Saturday’s Barclays Premier League game against Manchester United.
The Uruguayan international refused to shake the hand of United’s defender, Patrice Evra after the row on racism between them which also landed Suarez with an eight-game ban. This was the first time the two have faced each other on field since their clash back in a Premier League game at Anfield back in October.
United’s manager, Sir Alex Ferguson branded Suarez as “a disgrace” for Liverpool, stating that the striker should never play for Liverpool after refusing to shake the hand Evra having already racially abused him back in October. The Frenchman seemed irritated by Suarez’s antics at the moment but he did get his revenge when Manchester United defeated Liverpool in pulsating game that ended 2-1. After the game had ended, Evra jumped in front of Suarez and pumped up the crowd to sing against the 25-year-old forward. At this point the referee stepped in to calm down the event as Suarez headed back to the bus for Merseyside.
Later on Sunday, Liverpool, Dalglish and Suarez came out with apologies that batted away questions on Suarez conduct during the post-match interview with Sky Sports. Liverpool stated that Suarez should have shook Evra’s hand but his refusal to do so after showing intentions prior to the game had “misled” both clubs.
Now, Manchester United have issued a statement with the heading “Reds accept rivals’ apology, which reads”
“Manchester United thanks Liverpool for the apologies issued following Saturday's game.
“Everyone at Old Trafford wants to move on from this. The history of our two great clubs is one of success and rivalry unparalleled in British football.
“That should be the focus in the future of all those who love the clubs.”
Finally, it seems like things are back to its usual bitterness between football’s two greatest rivaling clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United.
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2/15/12   |   DarkChild

the apology is irrelevant...suarez does not have to shake evra.....he was fined and punished already...u think he'll be smilling and hugging evra...nooo...hes still angry...let his anger boil over at his time...suarez did well on the pitch of play...even got a goal...n credit to him for not giving in to d attempt by evra to provoke him after the match...even the ref had to rush at evra....i dont like You n I knows dat d apology is all PR cos its not from suarez...i will believe if i c d press conference so....