Manchester United linked with transfer of Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil

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Blog Photo - Manchester United linked with transfer of Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil hasn’t had the best of starts to the 2012-13 season. The young Germany international performed brilliantly against Barcelona last weekend, but he has been under the gun due to lack of performance for the rest of the season.
It appears as if Mesut Ozil is crumbling under pressure at Real Madrid. With the arrival of Luka Modric and Kaka regaining his lost form, Mesut Ozil has been pushed to the bench from Real Madrid’s first team.
Moreover, Spanish media have started to question the professionalism of the young German. According to reports, Mesut Ozil has been partying too much. Mesut Ozil also dragged himself into to bust up between Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho and defender Sergio Ramos, since he is good friend of the latter.
So basically, Mesut Ozil is brewing a storm in a tea cup at Real Madrid. All of a sudden an away move doesn’t sound that bad at all. Mesut Ozil looks far from patching up his feuds, which means it will be up to time to heal the wounds again.
Mesut Ozil’s central demand is to feature in the first team, and if Real Madrid can’t guarantee that – it’s bye bye Spain. Yes!
Rumors suggest Mesut Ozil and Manchester United are interested in signing contract. Manchester United has been heavily linked with a move for Mesut Ozil in the past, before Real Madrid got to him. It appears as if Manchester United want sit at the table with Real Madrid to discuss a transfer deal for Mesut Ozil.
Mesut Ozil took the advantage of the international break to speak with Bild about his life in Spain. Mesut Ozil told the newspaper that there were a number of other clubs which were interested in signing him in.
Mesut Ozil also said that he had nothing to prove at Real Madrid. The young German also lambasted against Spanish media for their callous and cruel comments on him. Mesut Ozil also spoke about the rumors suggesting his move to Manchester United.
“Of this I know nothing. Those who play at Real cannot even think about other things,” Mesut Ozil said. “There is no reason for me to leave Real.”
Manchester United would do well if they pick up Mesut Ozil, but with Wayne Rooney dropping back into a midfield role, Shinji Kagawa picking up pace and Tom Cleverly returning to the squad; there is little need of Mesut Ozil at Old Trafford.
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