Manchester United prepare for Chelsea’s assault at Stamford Bridge

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Blog Photo - Manchester United prepare for Chelsea’s assault at Stamford Bridge
Manchester United are preparing to stop Chelsea from acquiring a seven-point lead on top of the Premier League table. Sir Alex Ferguson and Co. will travel to Stamford Bridge to play against the Champions League winner on Sunday.
Presently, Chelsea enjoy a four-point lead on top of the Premier League table, but by defeating Manchester United the Blues will grab a seven-point cushion against second placed Manchester City, i.e. if the Eastland win against Swansea City.
Manchester United will face an uphill battle against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The Red Devils are plagued by mystifying problems in their defense. Even Sir Alex Ferguson admits he can’t place his finger on the problem.
Nonetheless, Sir Alex Ferguson and men know they can’t let Chelsea acquire a seven-point lead in the first half of the season. Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs believes a seven-point lead will give Chelsea a huge edge in the title race.
“We recognize we cannot afford to let Chelsea get too far ahead in the title race,” said Ryan Giggs. “They are four points in front and have got off to a good start so it is a big game.
“There are two ways of looking at us giving teams a goal start. Obviously, we are pleased that we are able to come back and show great character in the games to be able to do that. We have the quality and the goals in the team.
“But you cannot go throughout a season keep going behind and having to rely on the lads up front to score the goals. It is something we have looked at and are still looking at.
“It happened again against Braga but against Chelsea if we go behind it will be tough to come back.”
Ryan Giggs is wary of the threats Chelsea’s attack poses to Manchester United’s depleted defense. Manchester United still hasn’t recovered from their injury crisis. Phil Jones and Chris Smalling need at least 3-4 weeks to return to full action and Manchester United’s first choice of captain Nemanja Vidic has a two-month long waiting period before he can start training again.
Chelsea has one of the best attacks in Europe. Roberto Di Matteo’s young crop of players includes Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Oscar, Daniel Sturridge and Ramires. These players alone can fire goals from any angle of the pitch. Moreover, Fernando Torres has finally returned to form.
“Chelsea are a talented team. They have changed the personnel a bit with Oscar, Hazard coming in and Mata is playing well this season. Then you have Torres as their number one striker,” Ryan Giggs said. “They have a lot of experience at the back and certain parts of midfield.”
“Only time will tell if they are better. But you know you are up against a very good team when you pay Chelsea. They have always had that experience and power. They have changed it a little bit with the lads they have brought in. They brought in clever players like Mata and Hazard. They play in those little pockets and are hard to pick up.
“So they have changed but it will always be tough against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.”
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