Manning and Broncos record history in 52-20 beating of Eagles

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Blog Photo - Manning and Broncos record history in 52-20 beating of Eagles  The Denver Broncos picked up an emphatic victory on Sunday, and in the process broke the record for the highest points scored in their 54-year history. Peyton Manning was behind their machine-like efficiency. Manning accounted for four touchdown passes and two special teams scores as the Broncos thrashed Philadelphia Eagles 52-20 on Sunday.
The meeting between the two top offenses in the NFL was worth watching. Fast-paced action was emerging from both ends, although Broncos attacked more than they defended and the Eagles did the exact opposite of that.
Manning threw two touchdown passes apiece to Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker. The 37-year-old quarterback was in blazing hot form. The former Indiana Colts cult-hero took a break from the action as early as the first half and didn’t even bother to return in the fourth quarter. At the end of the night Manning had completed 28 of his 34 passes for 327 yards.
It wasn’t just this game. Manning has been in phenomenal form for the whole month of September. The veteran has thrown 16 touchdown passes, an achievement of highest standards since it has broken the record of 14 touchdowns set by Don Meredith in 1966, a record that was later tied by Kurt Warner in 1999.
Moreover, Manning also joined ranks with Milt Plum (1960) to become the only quarterback to account for such a high number of touchdown passes without falling down to a single interception.
Welker claims that the high standards Broncos have set for themselves helps achieve big goals. Welker told reporters: “We have high expectations for ourselves and want to go out there and score a lot of points. We were able to do that today.”
Manning’s fabled career is off to perhaps its best start as the Broncos have been piling up 49, 41, 37 and 52 points. Moreover, Manning has been industrious about his work. Manning had a slow start, but came back strongly in the third with a trio of long touchdown drives. These drives covered 80, 80, 65 yards and the Broncos didn’t have to face a third down in a single one of them.
The Broncos (4-0) look set to go deep into the season this year. Manning’s sublime form will make sure that the attack keeps the scores up.
“He's efficient, man,” Champ Bailey said of Manning. “And hopefully he gets better -- I don't know how, but hopefully he does -- because this guy's a prime example of what it takes to be a great quarterback in this league.
“I know a lot of quarterbacks wish they could do it like that.”
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