Manti Te'o angry about first round snub

Manti Te'o is confused about the difference between being snubbed and simply being a second round talent

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Mar 26, 2013; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish former player Manti Te'o participates in drills during Notre Dame pro day at the Loftus Center. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY SportsManti Te'o says that when he was left out of the first round of the NFL Draft, it "definitely put a huge fire under my butt to be better."

Hopefully he continues to improve, because that's what he'll need to do in order to somehow prove to the doubters that he should have been taken earlier.

As it stands now, Te'o wasn't snubbed in any way, despite what you might hear from other sites. He was never truly a first round prospect. Ever.

Te'o was a pretty good (not great) linebacker at Notre Dame, and he was a decent NFL prospect. Never at any time was he on the level of previous top linebacker prospects Patrick Willis or Luke Kuechly, who were drafted in the first 15 picks of their respective drafts.

Since Te'o was a Notre Dame player, and had a story (later proven to be a complete fabrication) that people could latch on to, he was hyped up to be a lot better than he actually was. People assumed that simply because he was a Heisman candidate at a defensive position, he should be a highly touted NFL prospect.

That's why he was originally projected as a top 5-15 pick.

Late in the draft season, after the NFL season and the combine is over, the NFL coaches actually get a chance to sit down and watch hours and hours of film on each player in the draft. This is when their true opinions are formed.

The combine is nice. The pre-draft hype is nice. The stats are nice. But coaches don't really make up their mind until they've seen film on players and see exactly what they're capable of on the field.

This is why you see huge fluctuations in mock drafts, and why sometimes players are drafted far earlier or far later than where they're originally projected.

Manti Te'o can run his mouth all he wants about how he was snubbed in the first round. He can pretend that teams made a huge mistake by passing on him. He can act like he should have been taken sooner.

Unfortunately, the fact is that he was drafted pretty much exactly where he belonged. Very few players are genuinely snubbed in the NFL Draft. It's not a matter of them being snubbed on Draft Day, but more likely an issue of them being projected inordinately high by the "experts" who live and die by their draft board.

Manti Te'o wasn't snubbed. Neither was Geno Smith. Neither was anyone else in this draft. They are what they are, and it's their job to prove that they can break out of their draft position and improve themselves.
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5/3/13   |   djwhite2

Don't worry Manti...Lennay will get you through your disappointment...

4/29/13   |   lars1459   |   3 respect

Heck, I had him going in the third round.  NFL teams are historically conservative, at least those not named the Cowboys or the Jets.  Who wants that circus?  Besides, he is not that good, just a product of the Notre Dame marketing machine.