March Madness A Bracket Breakdown From Round to Round [infographic]

Infographic: A round-to-round breakdown of March Madness

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The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Tournament is perhaps themost exciting tournament in all of sports. For three weeks, it provides the highest level of play and excitement collegiate sports can offer. 

Each march, 64 teams (now 68, thanks to the "First Four" play-in round), are divided into four regions, and gather to compete in "March Madness."

The single-elimination tournament structure creates dramatic finishes in which lower-seed upsets, and unknown heroes are born in a flurry of passion and excitement. 

In just three short weeks of basketball, the 68 entrants are whittled down to one, and a champion is crowned. 

This infographic breaks down the numbers from all the March Madness results since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985. 

Will this be the year a No. 16 seed defeats a No. 1 seed? It's never happened before.

Can a seed lower than No. 8 finally win a title? 

The stories are always riveting and the on-court drama never fails to captivate. 

March Madness

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