March Madness haikus

A Collection of March Madness Haikus

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"Sometimes, the best way to encompass a sporting event is through the classic Japanese art of 5-7-5," nobody said, ever. Regardless, please enjoy my March Madness haikus. 

Cinderella in Shadow
On sandy gulf coast
Cinderella in shadows
FGCU who???
Ri5e and Fall
Falling on hardwood
Big dreams too heavy for legs
A red bird ri5es.

Duke is Dead 
Blue Devils cast out
Elite, but not final four
UNC, rejoice.

Title race
Manic children race,
Flying through the paint for two,
Leaving us breathless.
The Wolverine
Neutered for decades
The wolverine bears it’s fangs,
Claws back to the top.
Red Reigns
Dust settles post-scrum
Through an offensive barrage
Bright red outlasts gold
Grasping in the dark
For answers known to no one--
Your bracket’s a bust.

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Gave you a shout-out on my blog as well:

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IU/Hoosier Haiku:

Hoosier Heartland dreams
#TheMovement, back to glory
(Bitter)Sweet Sixteen

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I need to come back. This is great!