Marcus Camby was "ready” for regular season debut vs. Heat

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Marcus Camby sat out of the New York Knicks’ first three games of the season while still recovering from a left calf strain he sustained early in training camp. However, after Wednesday’s practice backup center Marcus Camby had other views regarding his exclusion from the New York Knicks’ season opener against the Miami Heat.
"I was ready to play in the Miami game,” said Marcus Camby, “but I don't make those decisions. I just have to be ready when my name is called."
New York Knicks’ coach Mike Woodson still had Marcus Camby on limited contact and felt that the 38-year-old still had not tested the full capacity of recovering injury ahead of the Friday’s season opener. On Wednesday, when Mike Woodson was again questioned about Marcus Camby’s availability for Friday night’s home game, this time against the Dallas Mavericks, the coach still wasn’t certain.
“We'll keep drilling and we'll take it a day at a time,” said Mike Woodson. “A lot of it is still conditioning and maintaining something during his running. So we'll see."
Marcus Camby claimed that he felt no discomfort or difficulty during 5-on-5 scrimmages on Wednesday, but Mike Woodson is more focused on bringing him up-to-date with the New York Knicks’ schemes missed out on during his training camp absence.
"He's got to learn our coverages and get a little sharper there, but I thought overall he was pretty active and got up and down the floor, did all of our drills,” added Mike Brown. “He's smart enough. He'll pick things up.”
With a veteran roster, managing players’ minutes and determining the right time to bring back recovering players from injuries are key features of Mike Woodson’s perception towards leading New York Knicks into late season.
Now, just a few days ahead of the New York Knicks’ face-off with the Dallas Mavericks, Marcus Camby believes that he can redeem last Friday’s lost chance by utilizing the time in-between to prepare for the home game this week.
"I practiced last week, too, and I felt I could have helped the team," said Marcus Camby. "But now, we know the schedule is Friday then Tuesday, so we'll get good practice in."
And while he’s been watching from the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity to contribute at a greater level for the team, Marcus Camby stated that he’s been impressed with his teammates’ unselfishness towards scoring and handling the ball.
"I see a lot of open shots that we get and a lot of open, uncontested 3s. With the team that can shoot like we got,” said Marcus Camby, “I think it's money every time. ... The guys have been out there playing exceptionally well.”
So far, the New York Knicks have come through on the winning-side of each game this season and Marcus Camby believes it’s because his teammates are “making the game easy for one another” by “all playing for one.”
"We don't really care who gets the shine or gets the credit. We're all buying into the common goal thus far this season, so the most important thing for us right now is to be consistent."
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