Maria Sharapova In The December Spanish Edition Of GQ Magazine

My Spanish Is A Little Rusty, But I Believe The Title Of This Article Is "Maria Sharapova Is Hot."

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Since most of you won't exactly have the chance to get yourselves over to Spain anytime soon, I figured you'd probably appreciate this. Maria Sharapova is appearing in the upcoming December edition of GQ Spain, and because I know no one reads GQ for the articles, I've grabbed the just released pictures for you.

It looks like this photoshoot and accompanying video were shot in some random hotel room, but hey, I'm not complaining, and neither should you. Sharapova's currently recovering from a shoulder injury, so if we're lucky, maybe she'll use some of her spare time to actually do a photoshoot for an American magazine. Anyway, on to the pictures and video.

Me gusta. Oh yes, there was a video of this photoshoot as well that shows Sharapova in a few outfits that didn't make the cut for the magazine.

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4/24/09   |   DevilAssasin   |   7 respect

it's just all article....

4/23/09   |   anzdbro_yeah


4/18/09   |   mrnan_82

maria sharapova

11/24/08   |   sharapovasthigh


11/24/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

What Pictures??? I read Spain GQ for the articles..

Don't we all.

11/24/08   |   snbslugger

*yawn* Too much clothing.

11/24/08   |   CORRY20


11/24/08   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

i guess this officially makes me a dirty old man......she is much easier to look at than Jimmy Conners......

11/24/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Me gusto!

11/24/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

<< FanIQ..its all about the articles

What can I say, I'm a modern day Faulkner.