Mariners Release Sexson

7/10/08 in MLB   |   spawn_master   |   18 respect

The Seattle Mariners finally released Sexson today, only a year after they should have given him his walking papers. I find the timing of the release pretty odd though since:


1) They are in the middle of a series with the Oakland Athletics.

2) The All-Star break is next week.


I would think they would of waited until next week, released him during the break and started the second half of the season with a replacement player getting called up. In any case it has been sad to watch him decline since the Mariners picked him up for the 2005 season. If you look over his numbers you can see how well he started and what the decline has been like.


           BA   OBP  SLG HR

2005 .263 .369 .541 39

2006 .264 .338 .504 34

2007 .205 .295 .399 21

2008 .218 .315 .381 11 


I always liked Sexson. He came across as a nice guy, and he was honest about his struggles. Unfortunately in a team that is in as much disarray as the Mariners are it was far past the time to let him go. I sincerely hope Sexson is able to figure out his batting troubles and is able to make a comeback with another team.


Now if we can also release Jose Vidro we would be making progress...

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