Mariners snap losing streak in 9-2 win over the Yankees

Thank You Yankees!

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Seattle wins a game! Seattle wins a game! Seattle wins a game! Such is my homage to Russ Hodges, who called "the Giants win the pennant" after Bobby Thompson’s homer off Ralph Branca gave the Giants (the NY Giants) the ‘51 pennant and the chance to lose to the Yankees in the World Series (in 6 games). Today it was the Yankees who lost (to Seattle), which just goes to show you that the Yankees, despite their dominance and power, are not without compassion. How else to explain Robbie Cano’s failed flip to Jeter and then Granderson’s failure to catch (generously scored a triple) Mike Carp’s fly ball?

Seattle is a town with plenty going for it. The Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Grace Mercy West Hospital (and the prettiest doctors in the world). But what it lacks is sports success. The Mariners have never been to the World Series; the Seahawks lost in their only shot in the Super Bowl; and the SuperSonics, who actually won the NBA championship in 1979, moved to Oklahoma City.

And recently the poor town has had to deal with not just failure but ridicule. A seventeen game losing streak? As Charlie Brown used to say, "Good Grief". So the Yankees did what all leaders do in moments of crisis. The Yankees stepped up. The Yankees did what was right. The Yankees restored faith to a city in need. They lost! For the greater good. For the morale of all Seattleites. Otherwise poor Meredith Grey might have popped another surgical glove and botched another heart surgery. So thank you Yankees; you’ve saved a life today.

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Finally.... Thank You.

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 Hah. Well...I appreciate them letting my boys have this one. Seattle's a depressing city as it is with the consistent low cloud cover and fog and constant drizzle...that streak was getting scary.