Mark Buehrle Makes A Gold Glove Play

4/7/10 in MLB   |   Shyguy61   |   28 respect

Cleveland's Lou Marson hit a a grounder to pitcher Mark Buehrle which deflected off his shin.  Buehrle then ran it down and flipped it with his glove to first basemen, Paul Konerko. The announcers were amazed and the crowd went wild. Next thing you know Mark Buehrle will win a gold glove. "I didn't plan on doing that,"  Buehrle said to reporters after the game, "I didn't even know it got to Konerko until the crowd started going crazy."

*edit - YouTube video was removed to Yahoo video was substituted. The Buehrle play is at the very beginning after the advertisement*
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8/2/11   |   abdulfredy

A lot of things outside my field that was very interesting to watch and we learn it properly. I am very happy with this.

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4/8/10   |   coyotedances   |   23972 respect

awesome play

4/7/10   |   gatorjoe0615   |   1693 respect

The absolute best play I have ever seen in any sport. PERIOD. Web Gem of the year on opening day. How cool is that.

4/7/10   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Someone has been watching his Tom Emanski Defensive tapes.

4/7/10   |   mk_donley   |   2554 respect

He threw the ball between his legs to get Marson at first too! Amazing!

4/7/10   |   Alpha_Dawg   |   1258 respect

This was a great play. Too bad it happened agains the tribe

4/6/10   |   nk1956   |   475 respect

THE play of the year in the opener.  Holy Cow!