Mark Carrier comes to aid of Bengals safety IIoka

9/26/13 in NFL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

Bengals secondary coach Mark Carrier didn’t earn his nickname “The Hammer” for being a nice guy.
Back in his old days when he used to play safety for the Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears and got through 11 NFL seasons with three Pro Bowls, he was fined around an estimated $100,000 for doing helmet-to helmet tackles. Known for his intelligence, he would play a huge part in making the plays happen. “The Hammer” eventually got retired while still under a game suspension, showing his name was well deserved.
When asked about his dirty reputation, he said "The Hall of Fame guys got away with it. They started (fining) the next generation. The '90s, group. I was just that guy. Somebody had to be that guy. It was me."
But that put him in a tough spot to give some coaching lesson to his own safety George Iloka when he was slammed a fine of $15,000 for tackling a defenseless receiver when the Packers Jermichael Finley sustained a concussion and had to leave the field.
Carrier was quick though to come to his player’s defense and seemed at rest that Iloka would make a change in his gameplay and tune down his aggressiveness a notch. "Because everything he did for the most part was right. The way it looked, it looked like he didn't hit him with his helmet ... that's just how they're doing it now,” he said. “Especially when you see a guy go down with a concussion. ... He just kind of ran through him. Didn't leave his feet. In that situation there's not much you can tell him differently.”
From the way Iloka responded, it seemed he would not be accepting his fault. "You can't do anything but let them catch the ball. Unless there's a new rule that you have to let players catch the ball, you just have to eat that fine,” he said. “I'd rather take whatever the fine is then let a guy make a big catch on third-and-whatever."
He defended himself by saying that the tackle was initiated by Finley and he did not do anything wrong in the playbook. "He was coming at me head first and I was just trying to make a play on the ball and knock it out with my hand. His head happened to hit my lower bicep area and caused a concussion."
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