Mark Cuban Apologizes To Kenyon Martin's Mother On His Blog

Mark Cuban Is Kinda Sorry For Telling Kenyon Martin's Mother That She Raised A Thug

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During Saturday night's game 3 of the Nuggets-Mavericks Game 3, there was an exchange in which Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin's mother that her son was a thug.

Cuban has now issued a public apology on his blog, to both Martin and his mother.

"at this point I would like to apologize to you and your mom KMart for my comment. I should have not said anything and I was wrong. Hopefully you will accept the apology and we can move on."

He also offered her and the other families of Nuggets players the chance to watch the game from his personal luxury suite, and/or their own suite.

"When the series comes back to Dallas, your family, and the family of other Nuggets players are welcome to stay in my suite, with my family. Its amazing how tempers mellow when real people talk to each other and realize that its still just a game.

If that isn’t acceptable, I’m happy to provide a suite, free of charge to them as well and place whatever security is needed to make them feel comfortable.

Some people are questioning whether his blog was the proper outlet for this sort of thing, and I think that the fact that he hasn't met with Martin and his mom personally only serves to magnify that point. While the apology was certainly appropriate and necessary, there was probably a better and more personal way to go about it. When Cuban posts something like that on his blog, it's almost as though he's doing it more for publicity than anything else.

An Apology To Kenyon Martin's Mom [Blog Maverick]
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5/12/09   |   danny_n94   |   114 respect

I like how Cuban turned his "apology" around to make it about him. He is a tool. He called K-Mart a thug to his Mom why cant he be man enough to apologize face to face? He should have done this before game 4 and this could have defused the situation. He didnt, he got what he wanted, a hostile crowd for game 4. Thankfully after tomorrow night his team will be on the golf course

5/12/09   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2795 respect

Mark Cuban should be an expert on thugs, he has 2 of them in training on his own team.  Jason Terry and Erick Dampier act like they just walked off the set of Malibu's most wanted.  Hey guys it takes more than a scowl to make you gangsta. 

5/12/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

 I called into our local radio show today and like I said, "If that happened on the block I'd say one thing... Gentle Dental."  he'd be losing teef.

5/12/09   |   COWBOYFAN4LIFE   |   14 respect

Mark Cuban must be a Nuggets fan at heart!

5/12/09   |   COWBOYFAN4LIFE   |   14 respect

Kenyon Martin is a thug but Mark Cuban should not have said that to his mother! That was totally out of line.

5/12/09   |   COWBOYFAN4LIFE   |   14 respect

raiders1steve wrote:
Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones are Asses.....but they BOTH are Dallas owners so why should this surprise us....?lmao:O) Were not McLovin' it....

Look whos talking.... An Al Davis fan! LOL

5/12/09   |   raiders1steve   |   10 respect

(Edited by raiders1steve)

Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones are Asses.....but they BOTH are Dallas owners so why should this surprise us....?lmao:O) Were not McLovin' it....

5/12/09   |   keppieboy   |   158 respect

 Well he is a thug and his momma needs to know.

5/12/09   |   srvntofjesus   |   13 respect

(Edited by srvntofjesus)

He just wants the families hidden in the suite so they have an edge. You know being in the playoffs seeing your family cheering you on in the stands is sometimes just what you need to hit that three. Having the families high up in the suite actually is giving him a slight advantage. I would ask for courtside behind the nuggets bench to cheer my family member on. Mark Cuban is being smart but , he is really an ass!

5/12/09   |   Superbleeder   |   94 respect

Maybe he is really sorry.....just kidding.

5/12/09   |   keenendingle


5/12/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

And I am kinda sorry for telling Mark Cuban's mom that she raised a douchebag.