Mark Cuban: David Stern “has his stamp” on NBA

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Despite having a seemingly contentious relationship with NBA commissioner David Stern in he past, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban acknowledged his contributions towards the growth of the league and stated that things “won’t be the same” after he’s gone. David Stern announced on Thursday his intentions to retire from the NBA upon his 30th anniversary on the job in February 2014.
“David has his stamp ... has left his imprint ingrained in everything about the NBA,” said Mark Cuba, “so certainly there's going to be a transition.”
However Mark Cuban expressed his confidence in David Stern’s successor, Adam Silver, whom the NBA Commissioner has been polishing for the job for the past few years.
Now, the only concern ruling Mark Cuban’s mind is to mark David Stern’s title exit with a title to describe his era as sports’ longest-tenured Commissioner.
“I think if things go the way we want, the biggest decision and hurdle will be what trophy we name after David,” joked Mark Cuban. “I nominate the Most Fined in a Season Award, but it probably won't be my decision."
The outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner has been fined countless times for his complaints against officiating. During the 2006 playoffs, Mark Cuban picked up a total $500,000 in fines after he initially received a $200,000 penalty for citing issues with NBA’s appointment of playoffs officials and for protesting on court about officiating during the conference semifinals against San Antonio Spurs. Later, Mark Cuban caused another scene during the NBA finals Game 5 loss to the Miami Heat when verbally clashed with game officials on court and shot dirty stares at David Stern while walking off the floor.
Although Mark Cuban has over the years somewhat tamed his loud personality and sometimes potentially offensive remarks which have cost him lesser fines, the he was still served a $75,000 fine this season for complaining against officiating. It’s obviously a difficult habit to kill and one that’s cost Mark Cuban a five figure fine in total.
"Like I told the board of governors, I anticipate saving a lot of money going forward," Mark Cuban humorously added.
David Stern too joked around about the troubles and headaches Mark Cuban has cost him during 12-13 years as Dallas Mavericks owner stating he expects his gray hair “to go to brunette the minute he retires."
"It's been incredibly enjoyable knowing that pretty much every other owner has called him to b---- about me a lot over these years,” claimed Mark Cuban, “I'm sure he'll miss that.”
However, jokes part, Mark Cuban added that the fewer fines show their growing understanding and improved relationship.
"David and I have always had a lot of respect for each other. We just don't always approach things the same way obviously,” said Mark Cuban, “but we both had the same goal in doing what's best for the NBA.”
"It took me a while to train him, but I eventually did," continued Mark Cuban. "I'm serious. I'll leave it at that."
But Mark Cuban didn’t need to be pressed for long to provide an explanation.
“I think I learned a lot from him – what kind of doughnuts the office liked, what makes him mad, said Mark Cuban, “and I think he learned a few things from me. I think it's been a positive overall for the league.”
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