Mark Cuban Demonstrates the Idiocy of Skip Bayless

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Blog Photo - Mark Cuban Demonstrates the Idiocy of Skip Bayless Mark Cuban appeared as a guest on an episode of ESPN First Take on Friday, June 22 and absolutely tore Skip Bayless apart. Every point he made was absolutely justified as he talked about how the members of the sports media make arguments without legitimate facts to back them up.

Stephen A. Smith must have felt lucky that Cuban wasn’t questioning him. He sat quiet for almost the entire six minutes and 49 seconds shown in this video: 

Meanwhile, Bayless was squirming in his seat by the end as Cuban forced him to try to explain how the Oklahoma City Thunder guarded LeBron James in the post in Game 5. In fact, he asked Bayless a simple question: “When he (LeBron) was in the post, what were the different defensive schemes that Oklahoma City ran last night?”

Skip couldn’t answer the question. He started talking about who was guarding LeBron and what Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins were supposed to do and Cuban had to help him out by explaining that the Thunder double teamed LeBron and made him kick it out to three-point shooters.

The fact that Skip couldn’t answer a straightforward question about how a player was being guarded shows that he wasn’t paying attention to the game. Instead of looking at how the Thunder were trying to stop LeBron, he must have just been thinking about the fact that the Thunder weren’t stopping him and how he was going to rip the Thunder apart and praise LeBron on the next episode of his show.

Cuban illustrated that this is the wrong way for Bayless and the sports media to come up with their arguments. He explained that the wrong aspects of sports are being focused on and that Bayless will discuss a player’s mindset when he should be looking at the context of the game.

For example, Skip said that Durant didn’t play as hard as LeBron and that’s part of the reason why the Thunder lost. But Cuban was right when he scolded Skip for saying that.

It isn’t as if during this offseason Durant will be thinking that he should have tried harder and now he will do everything he can to get back to the NBA Finals just so he can give more effort this time. Cuban explained that both teams tried as hard as they could to win the series and the Miami Heat just executed better.

The truth is that while Bayless and Stephen A. do sometimes use statistics to back up their points, looking at a box score won’t tell you everything you need to know. Skip argued that LeBron shrank last year in the 2011 NBA Finals by showing that he scored less points than he did in previous series, but that is not enough of an explanation. 
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