Mark Cuban fails to acquire the Los Angeles Dodgers

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 A deal for the 53 year old Mark Cuban to buy off a Major League Baseball team has gone sour for the second time in the last three years.

A few days ago, the owner of Dallas Mavericks, Magnolia Pictures, HDNet and Landmark Theaters put a big on the Los Angeles Dodgers who are currently up for auction by their owner Frank McCourt.

Bill Shakin from the Los Angeles times tweeted:

“Sources: Mark Cuban and Dennis Gilbert did not make it to second round of #Dodgers bidding.”

Accounting for the 10 bidders that made moves to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers, it does not come as a really big shock that Mark Cuban did not get the place.

The official bidding amount has not been released to the media but it has been confirmed that Mark Cuban told Shaikin in November that he thought that McCourt’s price tag was too farfetched and way to high.

It has also been rumored that McCourt believes his team to be worth something between $1 to 1.5 billion. In November Mark commented to say that “At that price, I was not interested.”

Mark Cuban actually tried to buy off the Texas Rangers as well in the 2010 season but was later bought by Nolan Ryan’s group and the press called this a victory for Major League Baseball.

The league has already blocked the 53 year old from buying the Chicago Cubs and would have been reluctant to accept the ownership of the Rangers as well.

Now as Mark Cuban’s deal has fallen short for the Los Angeles Dodgers then this comes to a 3 for 3 number for when Cuban has tried and failed to acquire a team in the MLB, still there is one thing riding on Cuban’s side and that is that the fans love him.

Good news for Dodger fans would be that Joe Torre and Magic Johnson are in the running and so is Steven Cohen.

Still the fact of the matter is that when all of this is done and said, someone with bucket loads of money is going to sweep in and buy the Dodgers but this is like music to the Dodger fans ears.


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I'm thinking MLB is better off for it.