Mark Cuban full of hot air

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What happens when you're a billionaire with tons of free time on your hands? Obviously you make up stories to get your name in the media.
Mark Cuban has had his share of making headlines, he likes it that way.  So very often when he, or his team isn't in the spotlight he does something to give him some wanted attention. This time Cuban says he's considering drafting Baylor's basketball star Brittney Griner.
Is this just a publicity stunt or is it a serious attempt at breaking down barriers? Only Mark Cuban would know the answer to that. 
The sports world is used to Cuban's shameless self-promotion. But honestly when it comes to the notion that the Dallas Mavericks will actually give Griner the chance to play in the NBA is crazy.
If drafted, Griner would be the second woman in history to try out for an NBA team. In 1979 Ann Meyers tried out for the Indiana Pacers. But what are the chances that an NBA team to use a draft pick, even if it is a second-round choice, on a woman would be unprecedented.
I think its an insult to even make this a debate. She's a great, college women's basketball player. Isn't that enough?  
Griner once again is in the middle of a gender battle that as a young woman she has been inundated with for years that both her male and female counterparts don't ever have to think about. 
She's revolutionized the women’s game, bring headlines and attention that the league needs. But when is enough enough?
Let's not forget that Cuban is a smart business man. He knows the benefits of adding a woman to an NBA, the possible revenue and marketing. While Cuban would love to let people think that he would make some attempt to break the gender barrier in the NBA, the reality is that the very statement voids that.
"If she is the best on the board, I will take her."
That tells you the truth. Mark Cuban would never draft Brittney Griner, because there's absolutely positively no way that she will be the best player on the board.
Instead of dwelling on what if's and possible scenarios lets shine a light on what is probable and promising.
Brittney Griner has the potential to be a league-dominating superstar in the WNBA. That’s the sort of pressure she should be facing, something she can achive, succeed and exceed.
She’s not a gimmick  or a freak show to be gawked upon at and over-scrutinized by  the media.  Lets  celebrate her for her achievements and avoid listening to Mark Cuban and others blowing hot air.
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There is no way Griner could play in the NBA.  Game is way too fast and physical. Read more at: