Mark Cuban speaks out

Mark Cuban delivers his message: "Go take your bigotry somewhere else"

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Blog Photo - Mark Cuban speaks outThe Donald Sterling story continues to make headlines, all while the NBA attempts to carry on business as usual.  The NBA wants the Los Angeles Clippers sold, and wants neither Sterling to have a say in who buys it, or how it is sold.  The Sterlings, of course, want to keep as much control as possible. 

Rumors have circulated around lawsuits, counter-suits and more.  During all of this, the other NBA owners have remained mostly silent.

Mark Cuban, however, has decided to speak.  

He doesn't address the Sterlings.  He doesn't address the NBA.  What he does do, however, is deliver a powerful message.  He discloses that we are all human, and while we, as a civilization, have made progress in how we treat our fellow human beings, there are still prejudices in every day life.  

The situation he describes, during a simple walk down the street at night, speaks volumes.  Much as Pat commented in the blog about the Washington Redskins, it begs the question, "What would you do?"

It is, indeed, a message that is on point, and heartfelt.  

See for yourself.

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