Mark Cuban's sales pitch to free agents: Work with us to "pick your team"

Mark Cuban gives interesting sales pitch to prospective free agents

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When it comes to NBA free agency, owners and general managers are willing to pull out all the stops to lure a superstar to their city. Often times, a team's sales pitch to a free agent will stress salary, location, and the potential success of the team. Of course, not all teams can promise those things, and may have to get creative to become attractive to coveted players.

The Dallas Mavericks are currently in a position where they can offer salary (they have plenty of cap room), but not necessarily location or potential success. Dallas is by no means a small market, but to many free agents it may not be as desirable as city like New York, Los Angeles, or Miami. As for potential success, the Mavericks finished 9th in the Western Conference this season, and their best player, Dirk Nowitzki, will be 35 years old by the end of the month.
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Despite being only two years removed from an NBA championship, the Mavericks are not in a position to make the same pitch to free agents as a team like the Miami Heat or New York Knicks. However, when an NBA team needs to get creative, there may not be a better man for the job than Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Here is Cuban's pitch to this summer's unsigned superstars, which he said on a Monday during a radio broadcast:

"In essence, you get to come in and, it's you and we have room for two more max free agents (next year). That's why when I talked about a two-year plan, that's the concept there. So part of our sales pitch is, look, we're not going to try to fool you and say you and Dirk (Nowitzki) and Shawn Marion and Vince (Carter) and fill are basically a championship team. Maybe we get on a run, maybe we're pretty good. But the reality is you're going to work with us and Dirk to get out there and pick your team."

What Cuban is basically saying is that if a top-tier free agent joins them this summer, he will have to go through one year with a team that is likely to be mediocre, but then get to assume a mini-GM role next summer when players such as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony could hit the open market.

Cuban has worked hard to clear cap space for the future, and the Mavericks will have tons of money to work with next offseason. In addition, Nowitzki - who is entering the final year of his contract - is expected to re-sign with the Mavericks next summer at an extremely reduced rate; possibly even the minimum salary.

Cuban's comments Monday are likely targeting two players in particular - Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. However, the Mavericks could also use this pitch to go after players such as Josh Smith or David West, though it is unknown whether they would be willing to give a player of that caliber a say in personnel decisions. Other top unrestricted free agents this summer include Monta Ellis, Al Jefferson, and Paul Millsap. We'll see if Cuban can find a way to lure any of them to Dallas.
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Cuban is all about the money.