Mark Sanchez abandons fight with coach Rex Ryan; Jets star back on track

Sanchez and Ryan bury the hatchet

8/17/11 in NFL   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

Critics have started calling the New York Jets NFL star, Mark Sanchez an “armchair quarterback” as the 24-year-old QB continues to advise his head coach Rex Ryan on how to do his job.

The sports media has focused all spot lights on Sanchez, which has made them just a step short of making his respiration into a headline. No doubt all his movements are ready to be slated into the news but his actions aren’t worthy of praise or fame.

Media reports have portrayed an adolescent imprudent callous star that possesses the talent to enter into the elite of NFL. Analysts and even his quarreled with coach, Ryan agree that the NFL draft pick of 2009 has the tools to carve himself into history by creating a place in the NFL Hall of Fame but for that to happen the star should have the strength and temperament to endure the journey.

However, currently if future suggests Sanchez will have a bright future then reality would beg to differ. With Sanchez openly admitting to wishing to have it out with his coach, his image is tarnished. His talents provide cover for the mistakes he makes but once Sanchez grooms into his prime as a player the realization of his past actions could have destroyed possibility of an exceptional future.

Sanchez has been picking up form ever since his debut with the Jets. He has captured a place in the starting lineup which wouldn’t dream of starting without him now. However, Sanchez’s form has been degenerating in his most recent fixtures which forced Ryan to threaten Sanchez with the benches.

After the Monday night loss against the Houston Texans, Sanchez commented on the issue saying, "There was a point in the season (when) I wasn't playing well, and Head Coach Rex Ryan considered benching me.”

After a 9-2 start in 2010, the Jets were blown out apart by the New England Patriots before they were humiliated at home against Miami Dolphins. Sanchez was flying kites in both of these games because of which Ryan nearly replaced him permanently with veteran QB Mark Brunell.

Sanchez did not handle it well when he learned about Ryan’s intentions. “I wanted to fight him," Sanchez said, “I was really mad.” In the end the situation was diffused thanks to Ryan’s calm and a shrewd of prudency and decency by Sanchez who also managed to huddle with his team and eventually earned their respect.

Sanchez later explained, “Me being a competitor, you get too competitive. It's part of the reason they drafted me because I value this job. It's my life, and if somebody wanted to take it away from me that's personal.”

The wisecrack finished his sentence by saying, “,Was I going to fight Rex? Obviously not. That's like De La Hoya fighting George Foreman. He's way out of my weight class.”

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8/19/11   |   chevleclair   |   378 respect

Wow, talk about fishing for a story. There's no drama in the Jets locker room. This being the case, the media turned into drama. The media is turning the Jets into Jersey Shore, and it makes my belly wrench a little.

8/18/11   |   ALVALENTI   |   1529 respect

Sanchez has to be a leader , and stop trying to be a hotdog.

He will have his players respect which he needs to get ahead in football Will A. Cooler head will prevail in the future ?