Mark Sanchez butt fumble made into silent movie

Mark Sanchez's infamous butt fumble has been turned into fine art

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Blog Photo - Mark Sanchez butt fumble made into silent movieThe Jets drafted Geno Smith as their QB of the future, but many people are hoping that Mark Sanchez somehow retains the job. Even if the only reason is the added comedic value that he brings to the position, there's something to be said for the laugh riot that is Mark Sanchez at QB.

I'm sure everyone remembers the infamous butt fumble play, when Sanchez ran straight into the posterior of one of his linemen, and proceeded to fumble the ball, allowing Patriots defensive back Steve Gregory to run it back for a touchdown.

Courtesy of Deadspin, we now have a silent movie version of the butt fumble play, and it really has elevated it to fine art status.

Check it out:

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i guess you call that an end run. :P