Mark Sanchez runs into his own lineman and then fumbles vs Patriots

The Mark Sanchez Experiment has gone completely awry in New York

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Last night's blowout at the hands of the New England Patriots was more than most Jets fans could handle. Even their most faithful and vocal fan, "Fireman Ed" Anzalone, couldn't make it past halftime. He even deleted his Twitter account after the game.

The Patriots were winning 35-3 at halftime, and the Jets were looking as impotent as ever against the Patriots' relentless attack. The Patriots eventually went on to win 49-19.

The play that best summed up the game was this one, where Mark Sanchez tried to hand the ball off, only to realize that his fullback had no intention of taking the ball, so Sanchez turned and tried to run it himself. He ran straight into his own lineman's butt, and proceeded to fumble the ball, which Steve Gregory recovered and returned for a Patriots touchdown.

Check it out:

Are the Jets done? At 4-7, they still have an outside shot at a playoff berth if they can turn it around. But does anyone really think it can happen at this point?
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