Mark Sanchez runs into his own lineman and then fumbles vs Patriots

The Mark Sanchez Experiment has gone completely awry in New York

11/23/12 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Blog Photo - Mark Sanchez runs into his own lineman and then fumbles vs PatriotsLast night's blowout at the hands of the New England Patriots was more than most Jets fans could handle. Even their most faithful and vocal fan, "Fireman Ed" Anzalone, couldn't make it past halftime. He even deleted his Twitter account after the game.

The Patriots were winning 35-3 at halftime, and the Jets were looking as impotent as ever against the Patriots' relentless attack. The Patriots eventually went on to win 49-19.

The play that best summed up the game was this one, where Mark Sanchez tried to hand the ball off, only to realize that his fullback had no intention of taking the ball, so Sanchez turned and tried to run it himself. He ran straight into his own lineman's butt, and proceeded to fumble the ball, which Steve Gregory recovered and returned for a Patriots touchdown.

Check it out:

Are the Jets done? At 4-7, they still have an outside shot at a playoff berth if they can turn it around. But does anyone really think it can happen at this point?
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11/25/12   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Or has GM Mike Tannenbaum done an awful job of putting the right players around him to win? Sure, Sanchez at times looks as bad as it gets, but people who cover the Jets daily will tell you the level of talent on the team has decreased a great deal since going to the AFC Championship game in back-to-back years.

11/24/12   |   garylthmp   |   2 respect

Ryan would have likely won a Super Bowl for the Arizona Cardinals if he had simply focused on defense and left in place the high-octane offense Joe Bugel had built up (instead, league-top defense was offset by a non-existent offense, and things fell apart after that first year).  Sounds like Stephen A. Smith is recommending the same prescription for son Rex, and given the way the Jets have regressed on offense and broken down a quarterback who was once considered on par with the Lions' Stafford coming out of college, I'd say that may well be the sole hope of salvaging the Rex Ryan regime in New York.  (And apparently giving Tony Sparano full charge is no answer, hard to believe this is the same guy who introduced the Wildcat formation to the NFL).

11/23/12   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

In a word? No.

11/23/12   |   JenX63   |   33297 respect

But does anyone really think it can happen at this point? NO

11/23/12   |   Jess   |   35138 respect

That was the funniest play I've ever seen. I laughed so hard, I think I may have worked off all the Thanksgiving carbs during that game. That game was high comedy - the fumble McKnight lost on the return and Edelman ran it in for the Pats 3rd touchdown in less than a minute was crazy too. I swear that entire game could be on a Football Follies episode.

I laugh, but I totally understand and feel bad for Jets fans right now.