Mark Sanchez throws 4 interceptions, eliminating the Jets from playoff contention

Mark Sanchez throws away the Jets' slim playoff hopes... is it time for the Jets to toss him aside?

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The Jets entered last night's game against the Titans with slim playoff hopes. They needed to win their remaining two games, and needed a little help from a couple other teams. But they had a chance.

After Mark Sanchez threw 4 interceptions and completed less than half of his passes against the Titans, those playoff hopes disappeared altogether.

Dec 17, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) calls the signals from the line against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Titans won 14-10. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY SportsAs he has been for pretty much this entire season, Sanchez was abysmal. He played about as badly as anyone could possibly play.

He only mustered 131 yards on 28 passing attempts, and threw multiple interceptions into strong coverage when there were better options available.

There's really no more excuses to be made for Sanchez. He's in his 4th season, and hasn't made any progress whatsoever. If anything, he has been progressively worse over the past two years.

He has shown glimpses of adequacy here and there, but it becomes clearer every day that the Jets need to find an answer elsewhere, and that Sanchez isn't the QB of the future.

What's the next move?

Should Rex Ryan be fired? Does GM Mike Tannenbaum have to go? Do the Jets need to blow it up and start fresh, only a few years removed from consecutive AFC Championship game appearances?

The insistence on sticking with Sanchez has set this franchise back a solid 5 years. They have no starting QB. They have no real backup.

Their one potentially capable quarterback is Greg McElroy. Inexplicably, the Jets never even tried to give him a legitimate opportunity to show what he can do, despite his solid play in his only real chance.

Something needs to be done with the Jets, and it needs to happen fast. Otherwise, this downward spiral will only continue.

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but just to add to that-- yes, my team is a national joke right now and it doesn't feel good.

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to answer your question, yes, it's time to toss Sanchez aside.

It was either Steve Young or Trent Dilfer who said it best-- forget the fact that they owe him 8 million next year. They've already thrown their money down a hole, they don't have to jump in after it. 

Sanchez has won some big games for this team, and showed flashes of brilliance (yes, brilliance. He's made some serious throws when the game's been on the line, on the road, in the playoffs.) But somewhere along the way, things went awry with him in New York, and it's clear that he's just not going to work here.

I don't feel the situation is as dire for the team as you'd think, however. Their defensive core is still either young or in their prime. Wilkerson has emerged as a pro-bowl calibur player this season. Coples is showing the same kind of promise Wilkerson did last season, his rookie season. Revis is coming back, Harris has been steady, and Cromartie has shown he can be a true #1 corner. 

The Jets need to draft an OLB to solidify that defense for years to come, a QB whom, unlike Sanchez, they don't throw into the fire his rookie year, and put in some kind of stopgap at the QB position for next season.  I truly think it could be McElroy. We saw last night that all they need out of the QB position is somebody who doesn't turn the ball over 5 times and they'll be competitive.