Mark Sanchez will start against Jaguars on Sunday

Rex goes back to Sanchez over McElroy, Tebow

12/5/12 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Blog Photo - Mark Sanchez will start against Jaguars on SundayAfter several days of disagreement within the Jets' organization regarding who will start at quarterback, head coach Rex Ryan has decided to go back to Mark Sanchez, who was benched in Sunday's win over the Cardinals. The owner reportedly wanted Greg McElroy, the fans undoubtedly wanted Tim Tebow, but Rex doesn't care - Sanchez is his man (albeit, a bad player), and he's riding him out to the finish.

It's tough for Rex to make a case for Sanchez, as he threw three interceptions in his first nine dropbacks on Sunday against the Cardinals, and had his team with zero points when he was pulled with about five minutes remaining in the third quarter. Greg McElroy came in, as Tim Tebow was injured, and got a huge ovation from the crowd - they didn't care that he was a 7th round pick who had bashed their locker room last year, they just wanted to see someone other than Sanchez under center. McElroy, on his very first possession, led the Jets down the field for a 69 yard drive capped off by a McElroy touchdown pass.

So after McElroy comes in, gets the crowd and players as excited as they've been in months, and leads the Jets to victory, Rex Ryan wants to go back to his second love (behind feet, of course), Mark Sanchez? That doesn't make much sense to me.

It would be one thing if the Jets had a realistic shot of making the playoffs, and Sanchez had gotten his team to a decent record, but Sanchez went 4-7 this season and has lost six of the last eight games in which he wasn't benched. The Jets' season is pretty much in the toilet, so they need to evaluate the talent they have on their roster. They know what they have in Sanchez (not much), so it's time to see what these other quarterbacks can give you.

McElroy threw his first NFL pass on Sunday, and finished 5 of 7 with a touchdown. He's been a winning quarterback his entire life, so who knows? Maybe they have a hidden gem on their roster, but he's being suffocated by Rex's irrational undying commitment to Sanchez.

And of course, what we all want to see, would be Tim Tebow getting the nod. Can he make the magic happen again? Was he a fluke? Is he the real deal? This is the perfect time for the Jets to get their answer to that question.

Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum together agreed to give Sanchez his outlandish contract worth nearly $60 million, so maybe they're just too stubborn to admit they washed that money down the drain and go with another signal caller. Or maybe Rex is really just the worst judge of quarterback talent we have in the NFL. These are things I can neither confirm nor deny.

If there was ever a quarterback situation that was the absolute polar opposite of the 49ers, it's what we've got here with the Jets. And if there was ever a "Tebow Time," it was about two or three weeks ago, though this week would suffice, I suppose. But hey, with Sanchez remaining the starter, at least we may get to see another butt fumble...

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12/10/12   |   danceswiththewinds   |   37 respect

I knew the packers would win They are the best that is my team

12/5/12   |   kobe_lova   |   61953 respect

dad1luvkap wrote:
Sanchez-Tebow or whatever, it doesnt matter. Jet`s are going nowhere & I think that there will be a house cleaning  after the season !! SAY ,g-nite Rex !!!

Yes, and I think that's part of the reason he is in f*** it mode.

12/5/12   |   dad1luvkap   |   335 respect

kobe_lova wrote:
Rexy clearly hates the Jets mgmt. lol

Sanchez-Tebow or whatever, it doesnt matter. Jet`s are going nowhere & I think that there will be a house cleaning  after the season !! SAY ,g-nite Rex !!!

12/5/12   |   JenX63   |   32776 respect

Rollin Jess, that video is great.

My two cents:  Clearly Rex needs an intervention. 

12/5/12   |   Jess   |   34867 respect

So...Jim Harbaugh opts to bench his starter, who was what - like 3rd in the league or something before he went down with a concussion for a week?

Rex benches his starter, McElroy comes in and shows the first sign of promise at QB that the Jets have seen in awhile, and then Rex benches him in favor of Sanchez for the next game.

Seems legit.

(Can never get enough of the Sanchez butt fumble vid.)

12/5/12   |   kobe_lova   |   61953 respect

Rexy clearly hates the Jets mgmt. lol