Marlins suing fans over seat complaint

The Marlins are bad enough on the field, but they're making a bad name for themselves OFF the field as well

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Blog Photo - Marlins suing fans over seat complaintBill and Jan Leon are some of the best fans that the Miami Marlins could possibly ask for. They've been front-row season ticket holders since 1998, and have gone through some EXTREMELY lean years, particularly lately. The Marlins should be kissing their feet, and constantly asking them what they can do to make their experience more enjoyable so they stick around as long as possible.

So how are the Marlins treating the Leons? They're threatening to sue them.

The Leons had an issue with their seats, since the Marlins added a billboard midseason that obstructs their view. They asked the Marlins to either change their seats or they wouldn't renew their tickets.

That led the Marlins to say that they'll sue them for nonpayment.

This seems like a risky business proposition. The Marlins traded away a ton of stars in the offseason, and as the Leons say, they're basically a Double-A caliber team.

The Marlins should be begging this couple to forgive them, and they should be giving them whatever seats they want. I guarantee there are plenty available. This couple is paying $25,000 per year for their seats, and I guarantee that there aren't a ton of people willing to do that.

Even if the Marlins win this lawsuit, which seems unlikely, they'll be taking a bigger loss in the long run.
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I am completely not surprised.. There are now approximately 34 Marlins season ticket holders