Marshawn Lynch is making it hard to root against Seattle

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I remember the day that Marshawn Lynch became a Seahawk. It was back in 2010, before the rivalry between the Seahawks and my 49ers escalated to its current level of ridiculousness and, to be honest, I was pretty excited about the trade.

Jan 11, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) runs the ball against New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Ramon Humber (53) during the first half of the 2013 NFC divisional playoff football game at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsIt was great. This quirky Bills running back, whose Fathead® had been placed on a prominent wall of my house long before he his legendary earthquake-inducing run against the Saints in the 2010 playoffs, was actually going to be living in the same area code as me and my college buddies. We couldn't have been more excited. For about a week after the acquisition, Marshawn's youtube highlights -- none of which were actually football related -- blared out of laptop speakers pretty much around the clock.

(In case you've been living under a rock, here you go: Ghost-riding, letting the fans get to know him, figuring out if he prefers the ambience or the decor of local eateries, etc.)

Then the Seahawks started winning (shudder). And for long-time Marshawn fans like myself, that unfortunate tension that usually only exists in fantasy football, when you want a guy to do well but also lose, became a weekly dilemma.

It hurt even more to think about how perfectly Marshawn would fit into my team. An intricate power running scheme with a mauling offensive line PLUS Marshawn! But alas, the city of Seattle has claimed Beast Mode for their own and now I no longer buy Skittles, purely out of principle. 

Now, just days before the biggest game of his life, I'm not sure how to feel. As a self-proclaimed Seahawks hater, I find myself changing the channel every time Russell Wilson is interviewed (I just can't stand his perfect, selfless answers and charming smile). My mind wanders off as I worry about what Percy Harvin might do if he gets an opening. But then I come across a criticism of Marshawn Lynch -- lately it's been people taking shots at the fact that he doesn't want to interact with the media -- and the Marshawn fanboy within me comes out again.

He doesn't want to talk. He's a grown man and he simply doesn't want to talk. He's been fined and then tried to alter his behavior in order to avoid further punishment, but I respect the hell out of his decision to stand up and walk out on a media session. He's given the fans so much over the years, if he'd rather listen to music and focus on Sunday's game, so be it.

I realized that the reason my friends and I loved Marshawn, even when he was a Buffalo Bill, is not just because he's a funny guy or that he plays like he has a 500-pound chip on his shoulder. Those characteristics are indicative of something much larger that fans always love in a player -- he's willing to break the mold and be totally true to himself.

He may seem shy when there are 20 microphones in front of him, but get him in the right situation and get ready for some YouTube gold. Whether he's fighting for every nanometer on the field or goofing around, Lynch knows exactly how to endear himself to fans and he's been doing it for years.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting hard for Denver (In large part because I dread the storm of text messages that I know I'll be receiving if the Seahawks win). OMAHA! But if Seattle wins, Marshawn getting a ring is a big-time silver lining in my book.

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Go Broncos

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Agreed, but Pete Carroll balances it out. How can you possibly root for him... unless he's going against Jim Harbaugh?