Martin wasn’t the only one being harassed by Incognito

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWith deeper investigation into the Martin-Incognito harassment case, many more fact are beginning to surface about the incident and there is mixed reaction to the entire episode.
Some of the people following the case say that the behaviour Richie Incognito kept with Jonathan Martin was something of a typical in NFL standards and was common talk in the locker rooms. Players are close to each other as they spend many hours and games together, thinking as a team and one unit.
This might be a far cry from what the norms of the society are but it all breaks down to the fact that the locker room isn’t just a normal atmosphere. It is a place where dominance is asserted by strength and strong leadership and weakness is simply not tolerated. Many people who are in the NFL agree that Incognito did not do anything which is punishable by law, although the coaches should have known and kept it within limits.
But that appears to be the tip of the iceberg as new reports are beginning to surface as the investigation ploughs deeper. And it gets uglier. If they are true, it could not only mean an end for Incognito with the Miami Dolphins but an end to his career.
The new accusations against Incognito are that he wasn’t just racist with Martin but had also targeted the Dolphins staff with the same attitude, as said by Jason Cole of National Football Post. The victim alleges that he would make fun of his ethnicity and his wife. He would dress as the staff and make jokes about them. He added that there was also another player who would back him up but declined to say his name.
He said that Incognito broke all bounds and would rant that the victim’s wife had sexual relations with multiple team members. The victim has not been named and his current status with the Miami Dolphins haven’t been disclosed either. Even though these accusations are not concrete and the victim has chosen to remain anonymous, they still give more footing to Martin’s case.
Ted Wells, criminal attorney who has been assigned the case will be meeting with the Dolphins staff this week. He came on Monday to the franchise’s practice facility to further continue his investigation on the matter and question the members first hand.
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And the plot thickens...