Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati Bengals agree on two-year contract extension

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Cincinnati Bengals judged it was for the best not to let head coach Marvin Lewis’ contract drag on late into the season that generated strong disputes between the two parties like January of last year when he was signed on a one-year extension. Marvin Lewis’ contract had not been dealt with until January of 2011 when the Cincinnati Bengals finally dealt with the matter a few days ahead of the4 -12 record. Marvin Lewis looked as good as gone last year and the Cincinnati Bengals appeared to have no qualms with the decision.
However, after working hard on building a young roster, Marvin Lewis’ presence is even more integral to the Cincinnati Bengals. Hence, Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown negotiated a two year contract with Marvin Lewis, which will extend him through the 2014 season.
Although Marvin Lewis has failed to win a championship (0-3) with the Cincinnati Bengals over a 10-year coaching career, still he has incredibly reformed the team so that the franchise is renowned across the league for its consistent performance. Under Marvin Lewis, the Cincinnati Bengals have made two playoffs appearances during the past three seasons that won the team AFC North titles.
The Cincinnati Bengals went for a 9-7 season last year, and Mike Brown credits Marvin Lewis’ system for the record. Marvin Lewis became the third NFL coach to last at least that long with the Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis has also the best winning record (69-77-1) in the Cincinnati Bengal’s franchise history.

To ensure the Cincinnati Bengals’ progress towards greatness, Mike Brown decided to extend Marvin Lewis’ coaching staff to provide him with stability. Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmerman received  a two- year extension, while offensive coordinator Jay Gruden  will be extended to three-year. The decision was made prior to Marvin Lewis’ contract extension on Tuesday.
“Coming off a playoff finish last year, with a solid coaching staff and good young players, continuity at the top gives us our best chance to do well,” stated Mike Browns. “We are excited about the team’s prospects and happy to have completed this process with Marvin before the 2012 preseason schedule begins.”
Marvin Lewis which provides the Cincinnati Bengals with determination and the ability to return focus to determining a backup quarterback and encouraging the injured cornerbacks to make a quick recovery.
"I'm glad this is all behind now and we can move forward and coach," said Marvin Lewis regarding the finalization of his contract. "I'm really happy to get the extension done and move forward. And just I think the excitement with what we've done, our football team, there still is a lot of work to do.”
“The goals that we have in place are very, very important to achieve,” continued Marvin Lewis. “There is nobody in Cincinnati who wants to win more than that man upstairs, and it’s my job to get him there. One thing hangs over my head .That’s to win a championship.”
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