Marvin Lewis: no extensions from Cincinnati Bengals, lot of work left

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The Cincinnati Bengals have made an amazing turnaround since 2010, earning their first ever appearance at the playoffs last season. Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis had a lot to prove in the 2011 season, especially after 4-12 record the previous season. Furthermore, most people didn’t expect Marvin Lewis to receive an extension as he was headed into the 2011 season. But right at the end of contract negotiations with Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown, Marvin Lewis out at the other end with a two year extension.
Now, Marvin Lewis is in a familiar situation with his contract set to expire next year. Although Marvin Lewis has beat the odds once and truly deserves an extension this time owing to a remarkable 2011 season, Marvin Lewis confirmed at the conclusion of Thursday’s minicamp that he hasn’t received word on an extension from the Cincinnati Bengals.
"I have no updates," Marvin Lewis said.
In fact, Marvin Lewis acknowledged at one point during the conversation that he hasn’t even raised the subject on a new extension with Mike Brown. It reminds us of the Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown’s rather awkward press conference following extension negotiations before lockout. Both looked reserved, as if even after the extension, further talks were still ongoing. However, it was generally understood that Marvin Lewis came out of the negotiation with additional personal power, and that has certainly been a great asset for him last season. Marvin Lewis proved his point at doing things “his way” by leading the Cincinnati Bengals into the playoffs on the shoulders of a principally rookie offensive line.
Marvin Lewis was more optimistic about the chances of an extension in February during the NFL combine when Mike Brown himself broached the subject.
"I made one response, and it is where it is," responded Marvin Lewis. "And at some point, we just got to move on and coach football." 
The Cincinnati Bengals are just at the beginning of a new era for the franchise. Although the Cincinnati Bengals have talent in Andy Dalton and A.J Green, the fact remains that Marvin Lewis has taken great pains to disassemble and rebuild a completely new roster loaded with young players. His focus remains on improving the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense; hence he has no time to consider the contact extension situation as the training camp nears with 31st July a month or so away.
"I can't let that consume what I do," expressed Marvin Lewis. “I said two years ago if I come back here, I get a chance to restart again. We did that. Now, we're in the second year of that restart. Let's see what happens from there." 

Marvin Lewis believes the summer will be a prime opportunity to freshen up and keep focus on the season ahead.
“We’re a bigger football team,” noted Marvin Lewis. “I believe we’re a faster football team. The depth and development of our young guys has been impressive. That’s what will make it a competitive camp.”
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