Matt Barnes Sends Out Questionable Tweet

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Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka have a short, but bad history together. From a hit to the groin to an elbow in the face, Griffin and Ibaka are one of the closest things that we have to a personal rival in the NBA. Both are athletic, both are tough, and both are on championship caliber teams.
And Wednesday’s battle at the Staples Center was no different. In fact, Clippers forward, Matt Barnes, also joined the rustle and bustle when he pushed Ibaka in the chest with two hands. This immediately led to his ejection and a personal escort to the locker room.
What made matters even worse is that after Barnes was sent to the locker room, he sent out a tweet, which he eventually deleted. Barnes said, "I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these n---as! All this s--- does is cost me money."
But what may be even worse than breaking NBA social media rules, Barnes broke the confidence and trust of his teammates. When you call out your teammates on social media - it isn’t tough - it is cowardly. It is no wonder that his own teammates did not defend his actions.
"I think at times, toughness can be mistaken in the form of being ready to fight and stuff like that," Chris Paul said. "But toughness comes down to basketball. Ain't nobody in the NBA holding the world championship belt."
Blake Griffin who Barnes was trying to defend said, "If you feel like somebody was trying to hurt you, I think it's time to take action. That wasn't a situation like that. It happened. Guys push after plays, hold. I didn't personally feel a need to do something in order to get myself ejected. To me, toughness isn't being ready to throw a punch or push somebody. It's about having that mental toughness as well to stay in the game."
Often times what prevents teams from winning a championship is not their talent, but their character. Locker room dissension, gossip, and mistrust, is the perfect way of establishing discontinuity on the court. Going to the NBA Finals is like going to war, if you do not gain the trust of your teammates, you will not accomplish your mission.
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Questionable is a generous way of describing it I think.