Matt Harvey's Qualcomm interview and rehab over surgery

Matt Harvey: the Man, the Interview, the Rehab

9/19/13 in MLB   |   PAULLEBOWITZ   |   109 respect

This was intended to be a discussion of Matt Harvey’s elbow injury and the decision to hold off on surgery, but Qualcomm is getting in the way. You can listen to Harvey’s appearance on the Dan Patrick show below.

I did a websearch to see if Anne V had anything to do with Qualcomm and talked Matt Harvey into continually repeating his sales pitch during the above interview and nothing came up. That would have been understandable. Overall, as embarrassing as it is, it’s not a big deal.
If you listen to most interviews – especially during Super Bowl week – the personalities who are guests have something to pitch. It could be a book, a charity or a company or whatever. They’ll do the interview and then receive the opportunity to talk about the product they’re endorsing or supporting at its conclusion. In the Dan Patrick interview, it sounded to me as if Harvey was told that he had to get certain bullet points into the interview, took the advice he was given on how to do it too literally and created a cringeworthy YouTube sensation.
It was awkward, of course, but nothing to create a media frenzy about. Harvey’s problem is that his demeanor brought about comparisons to Derek Jeter and his sudden burst to stardom turned the spotlight on him in a way that he was clearly unprepared for. Everything he does is scrutinized and it has to be remembered that he’s only 24-years-old and comes across as somewhat shy. Not everyone can be as smooth and polished as Jeter was when he first arrived on the scene, helped lead the 1996 Yankees to the World Series championship while simultaneously dating Mariah Carey.
What I really intended to discuss is Harvey’s partially torn UCL and the second opinion he received from Dr. James Andrews. Harvey is waiting on surgery because he’s hoping that his injury follows along the path that Roy Halladay’s and Adam Wainwright’s did and he can avoid it entirely. That’s his right in spite of what self-proclaimed experts and know-nothings say he “should” do.
It’s been repeatedly said that Harvey should “just get the surgery and get it over and done with.” Most of those saying this presumably have never had surgery themselves and don’t know the fear and loathing that accompanies such a diagnosis. People who say “just have the surgery” are going to return to their own lives whether Harvey comes back as good as new or not. They’ll express more unfounded opinions and move on. The brainless assertions that Harvey should “just have the surgery” have run the gamut from people I don’t believe know anything about baseball at all like Michael Kay and from those I happen to like in Mike Greenberg on ESPN radio. They’re embarrassing themselves less openly and in a much more damaging fashion that Harvey did during his Dan Patrick appearance.
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