Matt Millen Says Shaun Rogers Will Be Defensive Player Of The Year. So Why'd He Trade Rogers?
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Matt Millen Continues To Astound And Amaze

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For any of you out there that hope to one day be the GM of an NFL team, let me give you a piece of advice. If you trade a player to another team, do not, I repeat, do not shortly thereafter give an interview where you say the player you just traded away will likely win the defensive player of the year award.

But guess what, that's exactly what Lions GM Matt Millen just did.

Yes, as crazy as this sounds, Millen, who recently traded defensive tackle Shaun Rogers to the Browns for cornerback Leigh Bodden (who isn't even going to be starting in Detroit) and a third-round draft pick, said Rogers would be awesome in Cleveland.

"Mark my words: If Shaun Rogers is healthy, he'll be the NFL defensive player of the year."

Now, I know Millen is an absolute idiot, but this is just ridiculous. At this point in time, I think he's just actively looking to get fired, because there's no other rational explanation for why he'd say this.

Millen actually contends that Rogers wasn't motivated enough playing on the Lions. Granted, I think it's impossible for anyone to be motivated when they're playing for the Lions, but seriously, if you think a guy can be defensive player of the year, you, uh, usually hold on to him and don't trade him for backup cornerbacks. Unless you're Matt Millen, of course.

Anyway, I'm stunned Millen still has a job. In any other line of work he'd have been fired 4 years ago.

As always, should be another great season in Detroit this year.

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9/2/08   |   gossberg

maybe there was something going on behind clothes doors involving rodgers.  thats the only reason i could think of a stupid move like that.  F*ck matt millen!!!  Fire him and hire barry sanders in his place!!!  one of the reasons he retired early is because that organization didn't want to improve themselves.  He'd be a perfect fit for that organization