Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma Of Penn State May Be Charged With Possession Of Marijuana

JoePa Seems To Have Lost Control At Penn State

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Joe Paterno was once a great coach for Penn State, and he's been an even better humanitarian for the school as well, giving a great deal of money to improving its educational system. But unfortunately, neither of those two things are going to help him much now.

It's pretty apparent that while the Penn State football program has begun to improve a bit on the field, they've gotten into a lot of trouble off of it. What I mean is that Penn State is starting to become the Florida State of the Big 10.

This summer, ESPN ran an in-depth article on all the legal problems the football team has been having of late, in which it surmised that the school is recruiting more and more players with questionable backgrounds in order to win. Some of the information in the article was stunning.

Since 2002, 46 Penn State football players have faced 163 criminal charges, according to an ESPN analysis of Pennsylvania court records and reports. Twenty-seven players have been convicted of or have pleaded guilty to a combined 45 counts.

And now, it's only getting worse.

Penn State police said a small amount of marijuana was found Tuesday night in a Nittany Apartments residence whose most current residents, according to university housing records, are football players AJ Wallace, Andrew Quarless, Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma.

Evans is obviously Penn State's star defensive end, while Koroma is also a starter on the line as well. Needless to say, these two guys getting suspended, even for a game, would be a huge deal.

Although no drug charges have yet been filed against anyone yet, police say they are coming. Now, while supposedly Evans and Koroma were not present in the actual room that police executed their warrant on, incidents like these are becoming way too commonplace at Penn State.

I realize people smoking marijuana in college is hardly something to get bent out of shape about, but when collectively added to Penn State's recent legal problems, it's just a continual reminder that JoePa has basically lost all control of this team. And that's basically because no one gets disciplined.

I mean, if Penn State were killing everyone they played, I'd say all right. JoePa is going lax so he can win a national championship. But this team hasn't been anywhere close to that for a while, so you wonder why JoePa hasn't made an example of some guys yet just to try and keep people in line.

Anyhow, we'll see what happens here, but I think we're already well past the point of return for Penn State. They need to get rid of JoePa, despite all he's done for the school, and they need to do it soon. Otherwise, he might not just ruin his own reputation, but the school's one as well.

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If they had a "spelling percentage", and it was proportional to completion percentages, yours would be about a 26%. You'd have around a 48.1 speller rating.

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Maybe a duplex for he and Bowden?

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It's like having to take your Father's  car keys away after several bump ins and other mishaps.  You love him but some things just need to be done.  Sometime sentiment gets in the way.