Maurice Jones-Drew Recommends Drafting Him No. 1 Overall

MJD recommends drafting him first overall in fantasy drafts

8/23/12 in NFL   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Blog Photo - Maurice Jones-Drew Recommends Drafting Him No. 1 OverallJaguars' running back Maurice Jones-Drew told that he would recommend drafting himself first overall in fantasy football drafts this season, despite the fact that he has yet to report to Jaguars' camp. With two years left on his current contract, MJD feels that he is entitled to an extension after earning the rushing title last season, but the Jaguars' front office is playing hard ball and doesn't seem to be willing to cave at their star player's threats.

Even so, Jones-Drew said that he is confident that things will work out, apparently so well that he'll be the best player in fantasy football. He did, however, also suggest handcuffing him with backup running back Rashad Jennings, so his confidence may not be through the roof on the situation.

What his statements do tell us is that the running back does plan on playing in the NFL this season.

Obviously, if MJD had never held out in the first place, he still wouldn't be worthy of a top three pick, so take his expertise with a grain of salt. As a matter of fact, don't draft him at all.

Running backs coming off of long holdouts tend to be extremely rusty, and with a regular season absence looking likely, MJD will not be in the same sort of game shape that the rest of the league will be when he returns. Of all the other people in your league, someone will take him too high, so just ignore the fact that he's even on the board. What you can do, however, is steal Rashad Jennings from the knucklehead who takes MJD. Jennings could be a workhorse in the Jags' backfield for quite some time.
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8/27/12   |   HollaIFyaHEMI   |   8 respect

So you are telling me not to draft MJD at all? Last years leading rusher, who did not play in the preseason because he was coming off knee surgery. This is not Chris Johnson. He actually cares about football, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. You are going to eat your words, you fool. Terribly written.

8/23/12   |   ladyhuckleberry   |   43 respect

Who's he kiddin, himself? Hes got about as much sense in askin that as a dawg askin to become a cat. Pleeeeeeeease give me a break will ya. Ya don't hold out like he did and expect folks to kiss your hand and feet.

8/23/12   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

I would have considered it if he didn't hold out.

8/23/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

I hope he is right... I kept him in my keeper league...